• Where do I find  FileMaker Server 17 Developer Subscription License?

    where do I find FileMaker Server 17 Developer Subscription License? and my developer status ie that I have paid? Thanks Alistair
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  • Where is the developer server software?

    Can't find anymore the Filemaker Server 16 Developer software to download
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  • FileMaker Community account name

    How do you change your account name for the FileMaker Community?
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  • What else changed?

    Menus You may have noticed that the menus in the FileMaker Community changed a bit.     Platform replaced Resources and contains links to everything related to giving feedback on and learning about the ...
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  • How to Set Your Time Zone and Locale Preferences

    Your time zone and locale settings determine how time and locale are displayed for you in the FileMaker Community.   To set your time zone and locale preferences: Go to your user Preferences page by clicking on...
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  • Restart and Lost

    I believe that I need to combine accounts. Just did a complete reformat of my Mac and a job change. Emails should be O.K., but realized I had setup 2 accounts. Can't find where the link was to download the test server...
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  • No Access to benefits or downloads / disabled by adminstrator

    Hi There I do not seem to have access to my benefits.  had followed the instructions as per e-mail   All FDS customers are automatically enrolled in the FREE FileMaker Community. In addition to your FDS so...
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  • Buy one Version Filemaker Pro 16

    Who can sell me one Version of Filemaker Pro 16? My Email is msk@plan2-metelen.de
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  • Filemaker growth…

    Hello,   I am looking for information on the growth of our favorite platform FileMaker. Let me explain: I am competing for a market where competitors claims FileMaker is losing momentum or markets every year. ...
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  • Navigating in Discussions

    The default page for discussions is now an activity page that shows a synopsis of recent and trending discussions and questions. If you want to see just the subjects for everything that is happening, click content in ...
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  • Explore the FileMaker Community

    Here's an overview of the main components you'll see in the FileMaker Community.   News Page The News page functions as a central news page for the FileMaker Community. It features a variety of streams and tiles ...
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  • Set Up Your Profile

    Setting up your profile is the first step to participating in the community.   Your user profile provides community members with an easy way to learn about your skills and interests. Your profile shows up in sea...
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  • Using FileMaker Community in a Mobile Browser

    The FileMaker Community delivers an awesome experience to smaller screens, too. The mobile browser features simple navigation with large buttons that are better suited for touch screens. You won't see options that are...
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  • Community Use Agreement

    (revised 30 August 2017)                                 ...
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  • FileMaker Community FAQs

    How do I change my username for the FileMaker Community? Click the drop-down next to your name/avatar (in the header bar). Select Edit Profile from the Personal menu. Select the Your Profile tab on the resulting pag...
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