• Mark as read - not working reliably

    For the last 2 days, after marking items as read in my FM community inbox, when I leave the page I usually find that the items are still marked unread. I could be wrong but it seems like if I stay on the inbox for a w...
    Jason Wood
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  • Where is the daily Summary?

    I have not had a daily Summary since July 12, 2018.  I posted this as a question on the regular forum and did get an email from another community member with the same issue.   In attempts to resolve this I ...
    created by BruceHerbach
  • Eliminate "Helpful" email notifications.

    I cannot seem to find a way to remove or suspend email notifications that a post or reply was marked helpful. There is nothin helpful with these "email" - over 800 in two months, since I already receive emails to the ...
    created by oceanwest
  • Unable to subscribe to FileMaker Inc News

    In the "Preferences" section, where one can choose what email or text notifications to receive, under the section "News & Stream Notifications", I am able to check the "Email" box for "Following" and "News Digest"...
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  • Can we block messages?

    I can't see anyway to block messages from particular users. The opposite of "follow". It is a feature that I would like to have.   Malcolm
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  • Replacement for the Jive App

    The FM Community mobile site has issues and is not very user friendly.   The Jive app ("Jive Mobile" on iOS) is a nicer way to browse the community on mobile. However, the Jive App has its own problems. These th...
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  • I am no longer receiving any emails.

    I stopped receiving emails 2 days ago.  In the past, I would log in and update my profile preferences and the emails would continue.  Now they do not continue.   Assistance, please.   Mike
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  • Filemaker growth…

    Hello,   I am looking for information on the growth of our favorite platform FileMaker. Let me explain: I am competing for a market where competitors claims FileMaker is losing momentum or markets every year. ...
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  • What Is News?

    News is the central place for you to see what's happening in the FileMaker Community.   The News page features a variety of streams designed to direct you to content, people, and places that pertain directly to ...
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  • What Are Streams?

    A stream shows you real-time updates of activity as people interact with content, people, and places in the FileMaker Community.   You'll see streams on the News page and on the Activity page of any place. Strea...
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  • Inbox: Tips

    Inbox shows replies, @mentions, messages, Latest Acclaim, and shares—plus any activity you decide needs to show up in your Inbox by following it.   Your Inbox shows the activity that's most you-centric&mda...
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  • Create a Custom News Stream

    Follow these easy steps to create your own customized stream.   From the Home or News page, click the plus sign to the right of the streams. You'll see a two-column layout with suggested stream content on the...
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  • Manage Your Custom Streams

    Add to a Custom Stream Quickly add content, people, and places to any of your custom streams and your Following stream using any of these methods.   Tip: If you are already following something in a stream, you'...
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  • Customizing Email Notifications

    You can set notifications for any of your streams and for your Inbox, so that you receive an email or mobile app notification each time a person, place, or item posts an update or you have Inbox activity. Your communi...
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