• @ Mentions Need Fixing

    The @ Mention feature of the community is a great feature but sometimes leaves me scratching my head. More than once the @ Mention will give me a list of seemingly irrelevant names.   For example, @beverly leads...
    created by PeterDoern
  • Keep track of Feed Inventory on a Dairy Farm

    I am new to Filemaker and I am trying to create a database to keep track of feed inventory and feed consumption from our dairy cows. I purchase feeds like corn, canola, alfalfa. The  I mix different amounts of t...
    last modified by garba
  • Links in Emails

    Hello,   when I get a notification email about a topic I follow and it contains links, all those links go though the community.   So when I click on the link, the browser first shows a message about leavin...
    last modified by monkeybreadsoftware
  • WebDirect and Sliding - New Feature Request

    I have a biological inventory site built in web direct for multiple users. Scientists are able to have numerous inventories     like tabs in a spreadsheet; this has been accomplished by using flex ...
    last modified by rez190
  • How to move from Community Feedback to Discussions

    This is a test post to The specified item was not found. to post screenshot of the MOVE link (after posting) for those needing to move to the Discussions Thank you!   (before clicking "Post", you will see this ...
    last modified by beverly
  • Stop Security warning for FM Help Links

    It should be more seamless to get to FM Help links. Currently get the browser navigation security warning for links to FM KB and Help pages.   FileMaker Pro 16 Help
    last modified by bigtom
  • Disappointment

    I am extremely disappointed with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server. FileMaker claims they are so "pro business" yet they provide little to no support to a small business that doesn't fit into their cookie cutter LAN ...
    last modified by beacon10
  • Stop everything! I have arrived.

    Christmas has come early, and I've just been promoted to the Community level of "Relationship Builder". I'm surprised there wasn't more fanfare. I only found out by accident while performing a twice daily check of ho...
    created by eric
  • FileMaker Community almost impossible to use

    I still find the FileMaker Community site almost impossible to use. I can't post a blog (as it requires a 'place', but doesn't list any 'places' to use). The navigation contains many dead or non-functioning links, and...
    Jonathan Jeffery
    last modified by Jonathan Jeffery
  • Add forum for plugin developers

    Hi,   find a place for plugin developers to talk about plugin development.   Could be invitation only or under NDA (For future Plugin stuff)
    last modified by monkeybreadsoftware
  • FileMaker Knowledge Base, where did that end up?

    FileMaker Knowledge Base, where did that end up?   I have for many years used Find Answers | FileMaker   to find problems and solutions with FileMaker. Now I do not know where to look.
    Johan Hedman
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  • Points?

    Not a real big issue, but the points seem to not be updating for a few days.
    last modified by bigtom
  • issue in community ideas with sort

    sorting goes via popup.. at least on iPad, that sort doesn't work. Even the entries in the pop-up will change - the 'latst activity' shows, shows not, etc.
    Markus Schneider
    last modified by Markus Schneider
  • Login required to view videos?

    In my weekly digest, there was a link to the FileMaker Product Roadmap Webinar 2018 video (FileMaker Product Roadmap Webinar 2018 ).   I started watching it, then went off to do other things, and when I tried to...
    last modified by realgrouchy
  • Looking for FileMaker Community member input

    We are working on long term plans to improve the FileMaker Community. As part of that, I want to learn what members think. I will be conducting member interviews at DevCon and by phone starting August 10. This is your...
    last modified by RosemaryTietge
  • strange calculation in user settings

    not really a problem - but strange anyway.. - 12 months a year -> that's what I got today for the time I'm beeing in this forums: Join Date: 5 years 12 months ago    
    Markus Schneider
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  • When typing a reply using chrome, it always scrolls to the top

    When typing either a new discussion or a reply using chrome, it always scrolls to the top of the page on every keypress (apart from perhaps cursor keys).  Obviously not such an issue on a new topic (such as this)...
    S W
    last modified by S W
  • Email Preferences?

    There appears to be no way to allow FileMaker Inc. News and Community News in e-mail feeds: This is found under User Avatar->Preferences menu item. At your convenience (after other priorities). Beverly
    last modified by beverly
  • Jive is Jumping

    While replying to some questions, I found that if the thread was longer than my screen, the Jive window would "jump" up to the top of the OP.  I had to scroll down to continue.  Doesn't happen all the time a...
    last modified by DanielShanahan
  • FBA session, Salzburg, 2017

    received a message from Claudia Moritz a few minutes ago according the FBA session at the FMK Salzurg   after filling the 'soin-form, I received this:   Besides of this: Why not add # of participants? We a...
    Markus Schneider
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