• Roadmap and In Market Features Normalised

    The ‘roadmap’ page gives sight on what lies ahead while the ‘in market features’ page informs about the available and achievements. However, ‘roadmap’ contains information about a...
    created by TorstenBernhard
  • Happy Holidays

    To the entire FileMaker communit, happy holidays. Thank you for making this a vibrant place to share all things FileMaker throughout the year. May 2019 be all our best year ever  
    created by RickKalman
  • What don't you like about navigating the FileMaker Community?

    Thank you again to everyone who completed the survey a few weeks ago.   As we dig into the results, one thing that came up over and over is that many people struggle with navigation in the FileMaker Community. I...
    last modified by RosemaryTietge
  • Points going wonky again?

    The likes and helpfuls today (maybe yesterday?) are not incrementing my points. I also have lost the Daily Gain. I don't require points, but I like to grant them to all the excellent posts by others (via the badges). ...
    last modified by beverly
  • Thinker Mission Levels

    I know it's only fun and games, but it's kind of weird to see some of my favorite contributors level so lowly as Thinkers (0-3), especially when I know they contribute significantly to, if not practically live in, th...
    last modified by eric
  • Email addresses in usernames

    Occasionally users sign up using their email address as their username.   The default behaviour is for users to be identified to other users by their username but when they view their own content, they see their...
    Jason Wood
    last modified by Jason Wood
  • Disable warning that you're going to leave the Community when clicking on links in posts

    Displaying a warning and requiring an extra confirmation click before following a link is inconvenient.  It should be safe to assume that users know if they click something they'll go to a different page, and tha...
    created by MikeZarin
  • Points?

    I have not had a points update in a few weeks.  I was expecting a big jump when I passed and registered a FileMaker 17 certification.  This was done about a week ago.  The 17 badge has been added to my ...
    created by BruceHerbach
  • Great finding : Grammarly browser extension for post spell-checking

    Hi,   The other day, I looked up for an online spell checker. I found out about Grammarly. At first, I was a bit concerned because it offered me to install a browser extension, which I'm generally cautious about...
    created by Vincent_L
  • Display Work

    I think it would be nice to have a subspace for displaying our work, particularly layout design.  Something like a dribbble site for FMP devs.
    last modified by DanielShanahan
  • Unable to subscribe to FileMaker Inc News

    In the "Preferences" section, where one can choose what email or text notifications to receive, under the section "News & Stream Notifications", I am able to check the "Email" box for "Following" and "News Digest"...
    last modified by mjpineyro
  • Should the Community have a Document Repository

    After participating actively few months in the Community, I realize that some questions are coming back almost every day. It is certainly because people do not understand their problem so they have a hard time to form...
    last modified by ThierryGuemboura
  • Points user

    Hi, ...in nov 2017 request to correct my points, there was a problem (32 "static" points appear). About 3 months ago I had 970 points, --- today 32 continue to appear.   ..more than 4 months have passed,... sinc...
    last modified by Draco
  • Relax warnings for external links

    I often see this warning when clicking links:   WarningThe following url is not an official site of FileMaker Community. You are about to leave FileMaker Community.https://support.filemaker.com/s/answerview?langu...
  • Gamification of the community: more missions + badges

    Hello everybody,   (as you may have noticed) I am really enjoying the new community issues and product ideas areas! I find the interaction and exchange of ideas is really working well.   I think however th...
    last modified by mrwatson-gbs
  • Replacement for the Jive App

    The FM Community mobile site has issues and is not very user friendly.   The Jive app ("Jive Mobile" on iOS) is a nicer way to browse the community on mobile. However, the Jive App has its own problems. These th...
    last modified by bigtom
  • FileMaker Events Page: Multi country search or by language

    When you look for events in Germany, you may also want to see other German events in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria.   So could we have a search which looks for language instead of country?   Or if...
    last modified by monkeybreadsoftware
  • @ Mentions Need Fixing

    The @ Mention feature of the community is a great feature but sometimes leaves me scratching my head. More than once the @ Mention will give me a list of seemingly irrelevant names.   For example, @beverly leads...
    last modified by PeterDoern
  • FileMaker Events page: Multiple dates

    I would appreciate to have multiple fields for start date, so we can enter events for the whole year.   When I enter dates for regular meetups (monthly), I could quickly enter them. As well as when a training d...
  • FileMaker Events page: Handle Unicode better

    Hello,   when you enter an event on the events page: Events Submission | FileMaker   and you type in city name with umlaut, it will make the next character capital:   München  → ...