• How to move from Community Feedback to Discussions

    This is a test post to The specified item was not found. to post screenshot of the MOVE link (after posting) for those needing to move to the Discussions Thank you!   (before clicking "Post", you will see this ...
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  • issue in community ideas with sort

    sorting goes via popup.. at least on iPad, that sort doesn't work. Even the entries in the pop-up will change - the 'latst activity' shows, shows not, etc.
    Markus Schneider
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  • Login required to view videos?

    In my weekly digest, there was a link to the FileMaker Product Roadmap Webinar 2018 video (FileMaker Product Roadmap Webinar 2018 ).   I started watching it, then went off to do other things, and when I tried to...
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  • Looking for FileMaker Community member input

    We are working on long term plans to improve the FileMaker Community. As part of that, I want to learn what members think. I will be conducting member interviews at DevCon and by phone starting August 10. This is your...
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  • strange calculation in user settings

    not really a problem - but strange anyway.. - 12 months a year -> that's what I got today for the time I'm beeing in this forums: Join Date: 5 years 12 months ago    
    Markus Schneider
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  • When typing a reply using chrome, it always scrolls to the top

    When typing either a new discussion or a reply using chrome, it always scrolls to the top of the page on every keypress (apart from perhaps cursor keys).  Obviously not such an issue on a new topic (such as this)...
    S W
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  • Email Preferences?

    There appears to be no way to allow FileMaker Inc. News and Community News in e-mail feeds: This is found under User Avatar->Preferences menu item. At your convenience (after other priorities). Beverly
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  • Jive is Jumping

    While replying to some questions, I found that if the thread was longer than my screen, the Jive window would "jump" up to the top of the OP.  I had to scroll down to continue.  Doesn't happen all the time a...
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  • FBA session, Salzburg, 2017

    received a message from Claudia Moritz a few minutes ago according the FBA session at the FMK Salzurg   after filling the 'soin-form, I received this:   Besides of this: Why not add # of participants? We a...
    Markus Schneider
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  • Email Address Not Recognized as Valid

    I've encountered an issue while trying to update my email address for my FileMaker Community account in Edit Profile > Your Profile. My new email address has a domain ending with the TLD '.plus' and this seems to b...
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  • Reply count in weekly email digest

    I just got the weekly email digest ("FileMaker Community Updates, September 21, 2017") with the new format for the Trending Now section.   I like that it includes a blurb from the discussions. However what was t...
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  • UI and Read/Unread

    1. Is there a plan to make the UI fluid width? The "Overview" pages leave very little room for the information that important when look at a thread, like the Title/Subject and when the last reply was made. It would be...
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  • Unfortunate ambiguity

    Happily, it’s fairly unusual that we need to: "Join discussions or download resources to help you solve all types of interesting problems with the FileMaker platform." I don’t think that’s wh...
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  • RSS Feeds don't include replies/comments

    Is there any way to use this new forum without having to constantly come to this website for new messages?  I've subscribed to the RSS feeds on each of the relevant forums, but I'm noticing that only the original...
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  • Typo in activity feed

    participapnt = participant
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  • Can't Find "My Stuff > Discussions"

    Is there a place, a feed, or anything to let us track discussions in which we have participated?   I used My Discussions as the first thing I checked after Private Messages when logging in each time to see what ...
    Stephen Huston
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  • Dates of posts not correct

    Unless I'm missing something, there may be a bug in the display of dates for individual posts.   This old thread was revived today (by a post not shown below). What jumped out at me was that the original post sh...
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  • Odd user icon behavior

    See screenshot, I'm not sure how samarth got malcom's profile pic icon to show up as his own.   freaky...
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  • Error message when attempting to navigate discussion content list

    Hello,   Below is a bug report.   I hope it is helpful.   Best regards,   -steve     First Noticed:   This is an error that I first noticed today, January 5.   Site L...
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  • Feedback using the Feedback link

    Is there any way to quickly and easily view a chronological, complete list of posts?   I can do this if I go to each category, one by one, and switch the view from pane (pain?) to list.  I cannot do this fo...
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