• How do you Import and Export data from 2 different tables

    I would like to import data from a "template" table to a "sizes" table with matching fields. How do you do this?
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  • 重複フィールド数のカウント(条件付き)について

    棚卸票を作りたいのですが、在庫数をカウントすることできず困っております。 filemakerPro16を使用しております。   まず、「在庫テーブル」と「棚卸テーブル」があります。 「在庫テーブル」には、型番と在庫状況(在庫有りor在庫無し)があり、 このデータを基にして「棚卸テーブル」を作りたいと思っております。 「棚卸テーブル」では、各型番ごとで1つずつフィールドを表示し、在庫数(在庫有りのフィールド数)を...
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  • How do you search on a date field that is not empty?

    I moved from a Bento database to a Filemaker Database for my small business. In Bento I was able to use create Smart Collection to display records which matched any or all conditions I chose. For example I displayed m...
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  • JIVE timeout changed recently

    Sometime in the past few weeks the JIVE timeout has changed and is much shorter.  It is a bit annoying to be logging in more often.  Was there a reason for the timeout change?    
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  • How to Set Your Time Zone and Locale Preferences

    Your time zone and locale settings determine how time and locale are displayed for you in the FileMaker Community.   To set your time zone and locale preferences: Go to your user Preferences page by clicking on...
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  • Keep track of Feed Inventory on a Dairy Farm

    I am new to Filemaker and I am trying to create a database to keep track of feed inventory and feed consumption from our dairy cows. I purchase feeds like corn, canola, alfalfa. The  I mix different amounts of t...
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  • Required Integration in Discussion

    Dear Admins & Experts,   Now our New FileMaker Community Discussion page is looking good, but too messy for Newbie/beginners!   Shall you make it integrated type as per old concept like,   > F...
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  • Links in Emails

    Hello,   when I get a notification email about a topic I follow and it contains links, all those links go though the community.   So when I click on the link, the browser first shows a message about leavin...
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  • WebDirect and Sliding - New Feature Request

    I have a biological inventory site built in web direct for multiple users. Scientists are able to have numerous inventories     like tabs in a spreadsheet; this has been accomplished by using flex ...
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  • Upgrade from Filemaker 12

    I am using Mac High Sierra 10.13.2, and my Filemaker app is not working I am currently on Filemaker 12. I have been paying a yearly licence fee. I now need to upgrade to Filemaker 15 or 16. I cannot get access to m...
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  • What else changed?

    Menus You may have noticed that the menus in the FileMaker Community changed a bit.     Platform replaced Resources and contains links to everything related to giving feedback on and learning about the ...
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  • Profile

    Does FileMaker keep a file of member's ID and Password's ?
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  • How To Report Your FileMaker Certification

    Report your FileMaker certifications so they appear in your profile in the FileMaker Community, or if you're an FBA member, get a higher listing on the FileMaker consultant web page.   For FileMaker Community Yo...
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  • How to move from Community Feedback to Discussions

    This is a test post to The specified item was not found. to post screenshot of the MOVE link (after posting) for those needing to move to the Discussions Thank you!   (before clicking "Post", you will see this ...
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  • is there an FMP16 functions manual?

    With FMP and FMPA there used to be downloadable function, and script manuals (PDFs). I cannot find them for FMP16. Are there any?  I know that in context help is available, but less useful for generating ideas.
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  • How do I submit a "made for FileMaker" App?

    The whole FBA space and commuity website have been revamped…mut it is so messy that I cannot figure out how and where do I have to go to submit an App. If someone can help with that…
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  • Stop Security warning for FM Help Links

    It should be more seamless to get to FM Help links. Currently get the browser navigation security warning for links to FM KB and Help pages.   FileMaker Pro 16 Help
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  • Command Click Still Not Opening New Tabs

    I first posted about this back on Sep 26, 2016 and this still isn't fixed. I'm now using Safari version 11.0.2 and when I command click on one of the topics it's not opening in a new tab but rather in the current tab....
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  • I am no longer receiving any emails.

    I stopped receiving emails 2 days ago.  In the past, I would log in and update my profile preferences and the emails would continue.  Now they do not continue.   Assistance, please.   Mike
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  • Unsubscribe from "Comment marked as helpful ..." emails

    Hi,   Is there a way to not receive an email when some marks a comment as helpful? I like getting the emails with the original comments but would like to avoid getting the "Comment marked as helpful ..." emails ...
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