• Should the Community have a Document Repository

    After participating actively few months in the Community, I realize that some questions are coming back almost every day. It is certainly because people do not understand their problem so they have a hard time to form...
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  • Unable to subscribe to FileMaker Inc News

    In the "Preferences" section, where one can choose what email or text notifications to receive, under the section "News & Stream Notifications", I am able to check the "Email" box for "Following" and "News Digest"...
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  • What don't you like about navigating the FileMaker Community?

    Thank you again to everyone who completed the survey a few weeks ago.   As we dig into the results, one thing that came up over and over is that many people struggle with navigation in the FileMaker Community. I...
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  • Points user

    Hi, ...in nov 2017 request to correct my points, there was a problem (32 "static" points appear). About 3 months ago I had 970 points, --- today 32 continue to appear.   ..more than 4 months have passed,... sinc...
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  • Data Migration Tool

    Hi Everyone,   I can`t see in my places the software benefits area where to find the Data Migration Tool link for download. Can someone help me on how to download it?   thanks a lot,   Rodrigo
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  • Losing Points?

    Not a big deal, but I noticed after deleting one of my replies no longer necessary in a discussion, that I lost 11 points. That reply didn't have any likes attached to it, so I'm certain the reply itself wasn't worth ...
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  • ¿Por que mi portal de Filemaker Community sale en japonés?

    (Why my Filemaker Community Portal is in Japanese?)
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  • Benefits Question

    How do I access my benefits. Such as Data Migration Tool & FileMaker 17 Server?
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  • Login problem

    When I try to login to the community with a saved username and password I get the message that the username or password is incorrect.  If I request my username and receive the email from Filemaker the saved usern...
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  • Last week: FileMaker 17 launched (no surprise there)

    In all the excitement last week about the FileMaker 17 launch, you may have missed a few other things FileMaker updated last week.   First, our team redesigned our website. We added new pages aimed at developers...
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  • Not able to edit posts/comments.

    So I had some issues with Jive and updating a File Resource. In the process I deleted the file. I had to create a new file resource which not has a new link. The original is now a broken link.   There is a Discu...
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  • Data migration tool

    Where can I find the download of the data migration tool?
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  • Direct Messages Sent?

    How do I find and review direct/private messages I have sent to other users in the Community?
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  • New series: Last week in the FileMaker Community

    First, thank you to everyone who took a few minutes to complete the FileMaker Community Survey. We were flooded with responses. You shared thoughtful and helpful insights. Once we've analyzed the data, I'll share what...
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  • Relax warnings for external links

    I often see this warning when clicking links:   WarningThe following url is not an official site of FileMaker Community. You are about to leave FileMaker Community.https://support.filemaker.com/s/answerview?langu...
  • About the FileMaker Developer Subscription

    The FileMaker Developer Subscription (FDS) is a software subscription program for an annual fee of US$99.   Visit our web store to purchase a subscription. Here is what you get:   FileMaker Server 17 Devel...
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  • What to do if your FBA or FDS benefits are linked to a duplicate FileMaker Community account

    When you sign up for the FileMaker Developer Subscription using a different email address than the one in your FileMaker Community profile, FileMaker creates a new Community account for you and your benefits are linke...
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  • Navigation at bottom of pages for long threads?

    When I visit this discussion with 99 comments (New FileMaker licensing programs ), when I get to the bottom, there is no indicator that there are more comments on the next page.   I have to go up (but not all th...
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  • Guidelines for custom apps featured on Made for FileMaker and Solution Bundle Agreement (SBA)

    Introduction We want to make the custom app review process easy, painless and transparent. If you have a good understanding of what is getting evaluated, it will speed you through the approval process when you submi...
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  • Solution Bundle Agreement (SBA)

    Attached is an overview of the Solution Bundle Agreement program and the complete agreement for the SBA Program.   For questions concerning the SBA Program, contact your local FileMaker representative.   &#...
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