• Solution Bundle Agreement (SBA)

    Attached is an overview of the Solution Bundle Agreement program and the complete agreement for the SBA Program.   For questions concerning the SBA Program, contact your local FileMaker representative.   &#...
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  • Thinker Mission Levels

    I know it's only fun and games, but it's kind of weird to see some of my favorite contributors level so lowly as Thinkers (0-3), especially when I know they contribute significantly to, if not practically live in, th...
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  • Points going wonky again?

    The likes and helpfuls today (maybe yesterday?) are not incrementing my points. I also have lost the Daily Gain. I don't require points, but I like to grant them to all the excellent posts by others (via the badges). ...
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  • Change my FileMaker Community user name?

    Hello, I've tried to find a contact name to assist with changing my user name on this forum, but came up short handed. Does anyone know whom I can contact?   Thanks! Laura Bowyer New Millennium Communications...
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  • Email addresses in usernames

    Occasionally users sign up using their email address as their username.   The default behaviour is for users to be identified to other users by their username but when they view their own content, they see their...
    Jason Wood
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  • FileMaker Business Alliance Application

    Do you have questions? Call us. You can find the contact for your region on the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) Program Guide, or e-mail fba@filemaker.com with any questions.   Ready to Join? To join the Fil...
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  • FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) Program Guide

    Whether you are considering joining the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) or have been an FBA partner for many years, this guide provides resources to ensure a strong and successful partnership.   Americas Team...
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  • Data migration tool

    Where can I find the download of the data migration tool?
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  • Nominations open for new MVPs

    We are expanding the FileMaker Community MVP program this year. We have a group of 7 amazing MVPs right now, but to make the community even better we need many more.   About the program FileMaker MVPs help custom...
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  • Community Support Request - Delete Post(s)

    Not sure where to direct this, exactly, but I have a Community support request.   Last month, I converted 2 of my standard posts into Documents. While this /did/ create the new Documents, I don't seem to be able...
    Brian Hamm
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  • Merge Accounts?

    I've had my community account for a number of years - I haven't posted a whole lot, but there's some stuff I'd like to keep.  Anyway, I entered into a new partnership last year and we registered for DevCon under ...
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  • Where is the developer server software?

    Can't find anymore the Filemaker Server 16 Developer software to download
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  • FileMaker Community account name

    How do you change your account name for the FileMaker Community?
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  • What don't you like about navigating the FileMaker Community?

    Thank you again to everyone who completed the survey a few weeks ago.   As we dig into the results, one thing that came up over and over is that many people struggle with navigation in the FileMaker Community. I...
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  • Disable warning that you're going to leave the Community when clicking on links in posts

    Displaying a warning and requiring an extra confirmation click before following a link is inconvenient.  It should be safe to assume that users know if they click something they'll go to a different page, and tha...
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  • How To Report Your FileMaker Certification

    Report your FileMaker certifications so they appear in your profile in the FileMaker Community, or if you're an FBA member, get a higher listing on the FileMaker consultant web page.   For FileMaker Community Yo...
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  • Points?

    I have not had a points update in a few weeks.  I was expecting a big jump when I passed and registered a FileMaker 17 certification.  This was done about a week ago.  The 17 badge has been added to my ...
    created by BruceHerbach
  • Daily Community Summary is missing?

    I have not had an email with the daily community Summary since 7/12/2018.  I have gone into my preferences several times and updated them to be sure that the correct items were check. But still no email.   ...
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  • My Points not getting increase?

    My Activity for the last two weeks such as, 8+ Questions asked in Community 3+ Ideas given in Product Ideas 10+ comments i have advised to other people's questions   But There's No change in My Point, which s...
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  • Where is the daily Summary?

    I have not had a daily Summary since July 12, 2018.  I posted this as a question on the regular forum and did get an email from another community member with the same issue.   In attempts to resolve this I ...
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