• Subset layout views of table records (- not using a portal)

    I'm using FMPro 16 Adv I've used it for about 9 months and already have an implementation in use. I have a table of children (school DB), table of Parents/Guardians and a Table of Staff where I'd like to display to ...
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  • Need help with resetting the FMS12 Admin Console?

    Hello everyone!   I am quite new around here, and I need slight help. I have inherited an FM12 Server and a couple databases. However, the person who handed these over to me does not remember the username and th...
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  • Using the new Community on Chrome: do you feel a pain ?

    Hi,   I used extensively Chrome because it's the best (or the least irritating) browser in my opinion. I must add I run Windows 10.   Since the new revamped Community, something very painful is going on: o...
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  • Auswahl festlegen

    Hallo Forum   Steh auf dem Schlauch! Ich möchte nach dem einfügen von Text ( ca. 2000 Zeichen ) in ein Textfeld, Suchtext "010000" auswählen um die Auswahl in ein zweites Feld einfügen. Die ...
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  • JIVE timeout changed recently

    Sometime in the past few weeks the JIVE timeout has changed and is much shorter.  It is a bit annoying to be logging in more often.  Was there a reason for the timeout change?    
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  • Required Integration in Discussion

    Dear Admins & Experts,   Now our New FileMaker Community Discussion page is looking good, but too messy for Newbie/beginners!   Shall you make it integrated type as per old concept like,   > F...
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  • Upgrade from Filemaker 12

    I am using Mac High Sierra 10.13.2, and my Filemaker app is not working I am currently on Filemaker 12. I have been paying a yearly licence fee. I now need to upgrade to Filemaker 15 or 16. I cannot get access to m...
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  • Profile

    Does FileMaker keep a file of member's ID and Password's ?
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  • is there an FMP16 functions manual?

    With FMP and FMPA there used to be downloadable function, and script manuals (PDFs). I cannot find them for FMP16. Are there any?  I know that in context help is available, but less useful for generating ideas.
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  • How do I submit a "made for FileMaker" App?

    The whole FBA space and commuity website have been revamped…mut it is so messy that I cannot figure out how and where do I have to go to submit an App. If someone can help with that…
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  • Command Click Still Not Opening New Tabs

    I first posted about this back on Sep 26, 2016 and this still isn't fixed. I'm now using Safari version 11.0.2 and when I command click on one of the topics it's not opening in a new tab but rather in the current tab....
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  • I am no longer receiving any emails.

    I stopped receiving emails 2 days ago.  In the past, I would log in and update my profile preferences and the emails would continue.  Now they do not continue.   Assistance, please.   Mike
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  • Unsubscribe from "Comment marked as helpful ..." emails

    Hi,   Is there a way to not receive an email when some marks a comment as helpful? I like getting the emails with the original comments but would like to avoid getting the "Comment marked as helpful ..." emails ...
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  • Can we improve the menu labels and breadcrumb navigation?

    The first thing that is causing me confusion is that you have two different levels of Discussions in the breadcrumbs navigation. The top level "Discussions" displays a page of Questions. The sub-level "Discussions" di...
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  • Are there any Certified FMP users in the Monterey peninsula that I can hire for help?

    I need help fixing and expanding my DB I use for work. I'm willing to pay for help. Pay by the hour? What I'm looking for in this certified person: Knowledgable in FMP 14 Advanced Willing to explain/teach how fixes...
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  • Fix Generic Help Link Text

    The new HTML based FMP help pages for FM15 and FM16 all have the same title. It looks like the page Title issue was fixed for bookmarks by MRBS 05/28/2015, but it still exists for links. I think this might not be very...
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  • Restart and Lost

    I believe that I need to combine accounts. Just did a complete reformat of my Mac and a job change. Emails should be O.K., but realized I had setup 2 accounts. Can't find where the link was to download the test server...
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  • No Access to benefits or downloads / disabled by adminstrator

    Hi There I do not seem to have access to my benefits.  had followed the instructions as per e-mail   All FDS customers are automatically enrolled in the FREE FileMaker Community. In addition to your FDS so...
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  • Filemaker Developer Subscription Renewal

    I renewed my Filemaker Developer Subscription last week but have no licence key or download link to Filemaker Server 16. Can anyone help?
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  • Where is the developer server software?

    Can't find anymore the Filemaker Server 16 Developer software to download
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