• Guidelines for custom apps featured on Made for FileMaker and Solution Bundle Agreement (SBA)

    Introduction We want to make the custom app review process easy, painless and transparent. If you have a good understanding of what is getting evaluated, it will speed you through the approval process when you submi...
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  • Cannot find the FDS login page....

    Where is the FDS login page/link? I was an FDS user in the past and would like to renew; anyone knows where the login page is?
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  • FileMaker Business Alliance Application

    Do you have questions? Call us. You can find the contact for your region on the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) Program Guide, or e-mail fba@filemaker.com with any questions.   Ready to Join? To join the Fil...
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  • Happy Holidays

    To the entire FileMaker communit, happy holidays. Thank you for making this a vibrant place to share all things FileMaker throughout the year. May 2019 be all our best year ever  
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  • Can't create a poll

    Hi All,   Is there any grade level in our community to create "Poll" as a normal user? Why I can't create polls?   Still it is in disable state? If Yes, should we know why?   Thanks in advance, - Su...
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  • Mark as read - not working reliably

    For the last 2 days, after marking items as read in my FM community inbox, when I leave the page I usually find that the items are still marked unread. I could be wrong but it seems like if I stay on the inbox for a w...
    Jason Wood
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  • FileMaker Community Survey Results

    In May, we asked all of you what works and what does not in the online FileMaker Community. Thank you again to everyone who participated in the survey. That survey was one part of a larger Community project we've been...
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  • What don't you like about navigating the FileMaker Community?

    Thank you again to everyone who completed the survey a few weeks ago.   As we dig into the results, one thing that came up over and over is that many people struggle with navigation in the FileMaker Community. I...
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  • How To Report Your FileMaker Certification

    Report your FileMaker certifications so they appear in your profile in the FileMaker Community, or if you're an FBA member, get a higher listing on the FileMaker consultant web page.   For FileMaker Community Yo...
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  • Duplicating a Document Not Registering for Mission Fulfillment

    Not really a big deal to me, but I thought I'd report it anyway in case it's not expected behavior.   It looks like duplicating a document and modifying it (e.g. for the purpose of meeting announcements and othe...
    created by eric
  • Community Documents Not Showing in Search Results?

    I just did a search for "optimist", and it didn't include this document created a few days ago: DIGFM: Being an Optimist in a Pessimistic World! +Inspector 7.0 (12/13/2018; Santa Clara, CA)   But when I search ...
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  • New and Retiring MVPs

    I am happy to announce that we have several new MVPs joining the team. Our MVPs are valued contributors to the FileMaker Community who have demonstrated leadership in our  FileMaker Community, social media, and b...
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  • Points going wonky again?

    The likes and helpfuls today (maybe yesterday?) are not incrementing my points. I also have lost the Daily Gain. I don't require points, but I like to grant them to all the excellent posts by others (via the badges). ...
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  • FM 17 Certification

    I want to get certificate of FM 17.   Which resource should I use to for 17 Certification?
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  • Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

    Some of you are familiar with my previous peculiar preoccupation in points and levels in the FileMaker Community. And some even tried to warn me how pointless it was to dwell on them. But I didn't listen. So when I ac...
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  • Negative points?

    What gives?         I'm curating a lot of pages ... and have negative points?   What is going on?       MrWatson
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  • I’m stuck in a quest …

    In my actual quest everything is marked as done except marking a document as helpfull. But I can mark as many documents as helpfull as I want—the status of the quest remains the same.
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  • Page disapperaed ... deleted?

    The Advent of Code 2017 Day 3 page has .. er just disappeared! Where did it go?      
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  • Is there a way to prepare a document before publishing it?

    Hallo Rosemary,   I had a rather .. er ... unexpected ... experience this week whilst preparing a document (Advent of Code 2018 - Introduction) for publication on the community.   I had always assumed that...
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  • Leaving FM

    How do I u subscribe from the community mails or how do I leave completely? I am trying on my phone, and just cannot find a way.
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