• Is DevCon section closed to new ideas?

    I wanted to add an idea to the DevCon section in the hopes that someone else might pick up on it and propose to do it, but the option appears to be disabled. Is this by design, am I doing something wrong, or is there ...
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  • Modification date Roadmap

    The Roadmap is nice. Is it possible to add the modification date on the page?
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  • How to move from Community Feedback to Discussions

    This is a test post to The specified item was not found. to post screenshot of the MOVE link (after posting) for those needing to move to the Discussions Thank you!   (before clicking "Post", you will see this ...
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  • How To Report Your FileMaker Certification

    Report your FileMaker certifications so they appear in your profile in the FileMaker Community, or if you're an FBA member, get a higher listing on the FileMaker consultant web page.   For FileMaker Community Yo...
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  • Why have only about a third of emails been getting through to me since Sunday?

    Hello FileMaker Community Admins (RosemaryTietge. technet_admin),   Since Sunday, only about one third of FileMaker Community emails I subscribe to have been coming through to me. I have checked my mail's spam ...
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    Hi,   I downloaded FM 14.0.6 sometime back on my laptop. I have the Key Number. I am now trying to download FM 14 on my Desktop, but the download fails. What do I need to do? I never got to punch in my Key number...
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  • Welcome to the new FileMaker Community

    "News" is the new "Home" To streamline your experience, we have eliminated the static Home page and replaced it with the News page. The "News" link in the navigation bar and the FileMaker Community logo in the header ...
    created by RosemaryTietge
  • issue in community ideas with sort

    sorting goes via popup.. at least on iPad, that sort doesn't work. Even the entries in the pop-up will change - the 'latst activity' shows, shows not, etc.
    Markus Schneider
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  • Login required to view videos?

    In my weekly digest, there was a link to the FileMaker Product Roadmap Webinar 2018 video (FileMaker Product Roadmap Webinar 2018 ).   I started watching it, then went off to do other things, and when I tried to...
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  • Why am I having so much difficulty finding and downloading FileMaker Go App Maker?  Does it require a special license?

    I have created a custom app for FileMaker Go and I would like o make it as simple as possible by having it load automatically and have its own icon.  This seems to be possible with Go App Maker.  Unfortunate...
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  • Looking for FileMaker Community member input

    We are working on long term plans to improve the FileMaker Community. As part of that, I want to learn what members think. I will be conducting member interviews at DevCon and by phone starting August 10. This is your...
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  • strange calculation in user settings

    not really a problem - but strange anyway.. - 12 months a year -> that's what I got today for the time I'm beeing in this forums: Join Date: 5 years 12 months ago    
    Markus Schneider
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  • When typing a reply using chrome, it always scrolls to the top

    When typing either a new discussion or a reply using chrome, it always scrolls to the top of the page on every keypress (apart from perhaps cursor keys).  Obviously not such an issue on a new topic (such as this)...
    S W
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  • Devcon 2018 Dates

    I missed Devcon this year because of a scheduling conflict.  Have the dates been announced for 2018?  I would like to get it on my calendar.
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  • Using the new Community on Chrome: do you feel a pain ?

    Hi,   I used extensively Chrome because it's the best (or the least irritating) browser in my opinion. I must add I run Windows 10.   Since the new revamped Community, something very painful is going on: o...
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  • Changing your FileMaker Community email address

    Please take a moment to make sure that the email address associated with your profile is working and one that you check regularly. It is an important way for us to communicate with you about your account.   Here...
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  • Can we please improve the session-timeout?

    Hi folks,   I often find it very annoying that the community site logs me out while I am writing lengthy posts.   Often there is a good bit of work which gets lost each time this happens, …   ...
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  • Email Preferences?

    There appears to be no way to allow FileMaker Inc. News and Community News in e-mail feeds: This is found under User Avatar->Preferences menu item. At your convenience (after other priorities). Beverly
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  • where are the software upgrades located? I am lost, help.

    I can not find the software upgrades, I am lost.
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  • How can stop following many old discussions?

    Is there a way to mark multiple discussions and then stop following them.  I have followed discussions in the past, and would like to clean-up the list of discussions that I am currently following.   Steven
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