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With the launch of the FileMaker 17 Platform today, we are pleased to announce new licensing programs that replace our previous programs. The primary new offering is called FileMaker User Licensing. It is available now from the FileMaker Store or your preferred reseller partner.


The FileMaker User Licensing program is platform centric rather than product centric. Customers do not need to make product or technology decisions. You have access to the entire FileMaker Platform. This makes licensing FileMaker much easier. Whether you have a license for 5 users or for 5,000 users you have access to all the products and technologies to develop and deploy the best possible FileMaker apps.


Key components of the new FileMaker User Licensing Program are:

  1. Every license includes the entire FileMaker 17 Platform — FileMaker Server, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, and FileMaker Pro Advanced — which replaces FileMaker Pro — to give everyone access to advanced development and customization features.
  2. Start at 5, add in increments of 1 — the initial minimum quantity is 5 users, and you can add users in increments of 1.
  3. New FileMaker Data API — each license comes with unlimited inbound data transfer and 2 GBs of outbound data transfer, per user, per month — shared and tracked annually.
  4. All new contracts are managed under one license key — and the license key will not change over time making renewals and additions much easier to manage.


Plus, we continue to offer FileMaker Concurrent Connections Licensing and FileMaker Site Licensing for those customers that have specific needs for these programs, as well as individual licenses of FileMaker Pro Advanced.


On May 15, 2018, we are increasing prices for new customers. Current customers have until May 15, 2019 to renew existing contracts, and lock in FileMaker 16-based pricing for up to 3 years. After May 15, 2019, renewals will be at standard pricing. Emails are sent to customers explaining renewal options prior to contract expirations. If you have any questions on price changes, please contact FileMaker Sales or your preferred reseller partner.


Current customers with individual licenses of FileMaker Pro 14, 15, or 16 or FileMaker Pro Advanced 14, 15, or 16 are eligible to upgrade to FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 at what was the FileMaker Pro 16 upgrade price.


We believe the new FileMaker Licensing Programs are much easier to purchase and manage while providing a greater value to FileMaker customers. 


I invite you to learn more in the Licensing FAQ or contact us.

FileMaker, Inc. announced the release of the FileMaker 17 Platform, the latest version of its widely used custom app platform. Get innovative, new features for the development, mobility, security, integration, and administration of your custom apps. This release includes new Starter apps and master-details layouts to make app development even easier. A redesigned FileMaker Server Admin Console and new FileMaker Admin API to help streamline custom app management, and much more.


See what’s new

Are you looking to up your FileMaker development skills?  Would you like to network with other FileMaker Developers from across Asia Pacific? Would you like to gain some deep insights on the latest version of FileMaker?  Well I have some great news, we’ve now finalised the dates and the agenda for the FileMaker Developer Days 2018 and it’s time for to BOOK.


Cost: AUD$169 ex per person

When: 12:45pm - 6:00pm Tuesday 22 and 8:30am - 6:00pm Wednesday 23 May 2018

Venue: Australia National Maritime Museum (The Theatre)

Address: 2 Murray Street, Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW



Visit APAC Developer Days 2018 for additional information and to ask questions about this event.


The Agenda

DAY 1: Tuesday 22 May

  • 12:45pm - 1:30pm REGISTRATION
  • 1:30pm - FileMaker - under the hood
  • History of dynamic layout techniques
  • FileMaker Themes and Styles for performance
  • Optimising calculations
  • Tools to speed up development


DAY 2: Wednesday 23 May

  • 8:30am FileMaker Inc. - Industry and business update
  • FileMaker Cloud options, protocols and setup
  • Perform script on server
  • cURL in the wild: how one button gave us a giant toolbox
  • Data API for reporting
  • LUNCH BREAK - catered for in Foyer
  • Design and optimising for iOS and leveraging iOS SDK
  • Thinking beyond sync and what that means for how you develop your mobile solution
  • Data migration tool and development methodologies
  • Is my solution a product and how do I take it there


Sessions will be delivered by FileMaker Inc. employees and FileMaker Business Alliance members.


If you are interested in attending and would like to book, please contact David Borgnis.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on a long-term community strategy. A huge part of this is to learn as much as possible from you. What do you want to see in the community? What would drive you to participate more? What would help you build better custom apps? If can answer a few quick questions, we would really appreciate it.


Update: May 17, 2018. Thank you everyone who took time to complete our survey. I was blown away. Over 850 people responded to the survey, and many gave thoughtful and helpful feedback. I'll share the results in a few weeks.


In the meantime, if you have thoughts on how to improve the Filemaker Community, please leave a public note in the Community Feedback and Information space or send me a private message.

You’re invited to an exclusive FileMaker Product Preview webinar. The FileMaker Product Management Team will speak about the future of the FileMaker Platform and show features of the next version.


Join us for a 60-minute webinar lead by Rick Kalman, Director of Product Management and Design. The presentation will include a Q&A session.


Registration is limited so please register for ONLY one web seminar.


Note: this presentation will be in English only.


Date:  Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Times:  8:00AM PDT, 11:00AM EDT, 3:00PM GMT


Date:  Thursday, March 22, 2018

Times:  4:00PM PDT, 7:00PM EDT, (March 23) 8:00AM JST, 10:00AM AEDT

Are you so busy that you can’t keep up? A junior developer might be right for you.


This ebook is based on the presentation given by Molly Connelly of Thorsen Consulting at the FileMaker Developer Conference 2017, How To Train a Junior Developer.




This ebook covers these topics:

  • Is a junior developer right for you?
  • Training a junior developer
  • Implementing structured training
  • Assigning technical tasks
  • Next steps


Download this ebook.


Watch the session video.

FileMaker, Inc. has released FileMaker Pro 16.0.5 and FileMaker Pro 16.0.5 Advanced. This update addresses an issue where scrolling could cause FileMaker Pro to close unexpectedly. This bug affects only macOS High Sierra 10.13.


Learn more:


Download update:

Under the in-product Help menu select Check for Updates or visit:

Join 1500 developers, just like you, at the FileMaker Developer Conference 2018.


It's the must-attend event to learn everything and anything about FileMaker custom app development. After this information-packed week, you'll leave an even better developer than when you arrived.


More information about the conference and program >


Register now >

Creating a positive customer experience is crucial for your continued success and growth.


This ebook is based on the Scott Howard's session Beyond Damage Control: Reversing Bad Client Experiences and serves as a guide to creating happy clients.



DEVCON 2017-Happy Clients-COVER-EN.jpg


This ebook covers these topics:


  • Why worry?
  • Five steps to recovering from bad customer experiences
  • When to fire a client
  • Next steps


Download this ebook.


Watch the session video.

FileMaker, Inc. has created a dedicated web page highlighting upcoming in-person and virtual events submitted by FileMaker partners and enthusiasts around the world. Upcoming workshops, trainings, user group meetups, trade shows, and webinars can all be found in this new area in the Learn section of FileMaker’s website.


See upcoming events in your area and submit your own event by going to


Additionally, we will send out event notification emails periodically to help drive attendance. Manage your FileMaker email subscription here >

Updated February 7, 2018 with additional information.


FileMaker, Inc. has released an update to the FileMaker 16 Platform:

  • FileMaker Pro 16.0.4 and FileMaker Pro 16.0.4 Advanced include general bug fixes.
  • FileMaker Go 16.0.4 addresses fixes bugs and iPhone X and iOS 11 compatibility issues.
  • FileMaker Server 16.0.4 includes bug fixes and updates to third-party components.
    Note: OS X El Capitan 10.11 is no longer supported. Update your operating system before updating FileMaker Server 16.


Learn more

FileMaker Pro 16.0.4 and FileMaker Pro 16.0.4 Advanced

FileMaker Go 16.0.4

FileMaker Server 16.0.4


Download the updates

FileMaker Pro 16.0.4 and FileMaker Pro 16.0.4 Advanced:

Under the in-product Help menu select Check for Updates or visit:


FileMaker Go 16.0.4:


FileMaker Server 16.0.4:


Additional information about removal of OS X El Capitan 10.11 support

OS X El Capitan 10.11 is not blocked. We could not certify against this OS because of an issue with Custom Web Publishing (CWP) that affects all current supported versions of FileMaker Server. See FileMaker announces end of support for OS x El Capitan 10.11 with FileMaker Server 16, 15, or 14 in the FileMaker Knowledge Base.


For all versions of FileMaker Server on OS X 10.11, if you deploy CWP or redeploy (which includes running an updater), deployment will not finish and CWP will not work.


If you are not currently running CWP on OS X 10.11, although not certified, FileMaker Server 16.0.4 may work as expected.



More than half of business teams of all sizes are seeing productivity gains of over 40 percent, according to the findings of a new report from FileMaker, Inc. The company's third annual State of the Custom App Report, released on January 30, 2018, examines how businesses are harnessing digital transformation and reducing inefficiencies with custom apps.




The global report sheds light on the ways custom apps are driving better, stronger end-results while improving the process of work. The report found that custom apps are being used in a wide variety of ways to help teams accomplish their business goals by streamlining workloads. These tools don't require prior coding experience and provide users with the flexibility and customizability that pre-packaged software typically lacks.


Share the State of the Custom App report on Twitter


Key findings of the report include:

  • Custom apps are quick to build - 72 percent of businesses had their apps up and running in under six months
  • 93 percent saw a reduction in inefficient tasks
  • 91 percent saw increase in team productivity
    • 51 percent saw an increase of over 40 percent
  • 77 percent saw reduction in manual data entry
  • 76 percent reported a return on investment (ROI)


Download the 2018 FileMaker State of the Custom App Report below.


Ann Monroe, vice president of worldwide marketing and customer success, FileMaker, Inc., said: "Prior to adopting custom apps, businesses reported struggling with paper processes, scattered sources of information, complex spreadsheets and significant manual data entry. This report showcases the benefits that business teams of all sizes are reaping from using custom apps to solve their day-to-day process challenges. FileMaker enables organizations to overcome operations issues so they can focus on delivering great service and growing their businesses."

As you may have noticed, FileMaker launched an advertising campaign this month. Help us spread the word by sharing the video.


Last year we partnered with a new creative agency to execute a big vision: start a national conversation about FileMaker. As many in FileMaker Community have pointed out, we’re well-loved by our customers, but relatively unknown overall.


Since we launched the campaign early last week, more than 2 million people have viewed the video, more than 4 million people have seen campaign-related content, and more than 150,000 people have engaged through sharing, liking, or commenting.


To get this conversation started we hired three recognizable actors, placed them on a fictitious root vegetable farm, and imagined how their characters’ lives might be made easier with a custom app built on the FileMaker Platform.


The resulting video is funny and quirky – words that you may not normally associate with a company in the B2B software space.


We chose to break through the noise by doing something different for three reasons.


1. Increase brand awareness

FileMaker Community members like you are brand loyalists and evangelists. You share your enthusiasm and expertise to help others achieve their goals for their custom apps.


But many people don’t know about FileMaker. And in recent years, the demand for custom mobile apps has far exceeded resources available to code apps. This has meant that departments in large enterprises and small businesses often are stuck duct-taping together email, spreadsheets and different apps to get their work done.


It was time to put FileMaker on the map. If the 70 pieces of early press coverage (see below for a small sampling) are any indication, we’ve done just that.



We knew that our actors’ familiar faces would start a big conversation and bridge the affinity gap between new customers and our platform.


We’re glad to see that it’s started a healthy conversation here in the FileMaker Community too.


2. Recruit new developers

Everyday problem solvers thrive upon meeting the FileMaker Platform. We want to connect with more of them. These problem solvers may be professional developers, business managers, or tech-curious people looking for better ways for their teams to work.


First-time custom app creators – many with little to no tech experience – use our platform to increase efficiency, reduce scattered information, and modernize processes in daily business operations.


In a bid to connect with the next generation of developers, we chose a diverse cast of actors and allowed them to riff from the script and perform in ways that felt natural. We also embraced influencer marketing. The result? Something pretty magical.


3. Help with framing

Keyword searches reveal that the people looking for our brand often find us by searching for a database. Thirty years ago, FileMaker Pro began as a database management software, but today it is a much more than that.


Today, we’re a powerful, scalable custom app development platform. Users can create a single app and deploy it immediately and seamlessly across computers and mobile devices. On each platform, it acts like a native application, connecting critical data and providing team members real-time information.


We want to encourage people to learn about all the amazing things we’re doing, and we know good stories are key to sparking curiosity.


Please share your comments below. We also invite you to join us in promoting the campaign by sharing the video and promoting using the hashtags #FarmTime and #FileMaker

Accurate estimates can improve customer relationships and help grow your business.


This ebook is based on Deborah Zempel's session Estimating & Storyboarding with Accuracy and offers tips to improve your project estimates.




This ebook covers these topics:


  • Why storyboard?
  • Ways to storyboard

Estimating Basics

  • Discovery: Initial questions to ask
  • Discovery: Evaluate and Investigate
  • Discovery: Detailed Requirement Analysis
  • Create the recipe
  • Create the recipe: Is the estimate logical?
  • Ongoing Project Management

Next Steps


The ebook is attached below.


Watch the session video.

FileMaker, Inc. has released FileMaker Cloud 1.16.1. This upgrade includes improvements to downloading databases and addresses general bug fixes. FileMaker Cloud 1.16.1 is available in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia.


To download this software upgrade, visit the FileMaker Cloud Admin Console.


Note: Any previously released software patches must be applied before updating to FileMaker Cloud 1.16.1. Only FileMaker 16 clients are compatible with FileMaker Cloud 1.16.1.


Deprecation notice: Support for t2.small in conjunction with BYOL and the 5-user license has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release of FileMaker Cloud.


Learn more:

FileMaker Cloud Release Notes