FileMaker Go and iOS 11 compatibility

Blog Post created by steveromig on Sep 19, 2017

With the release of iOS 11 today (19SEPT), we wanted to update you on the compatibility of FileMaker Go 14, 15, and 16 with the new version of iOS.  The good news is that FileMaker Go 15 and FileMaker Go 16 are compatible with no major issues reported.


The FileMaker knowledge base has been updated with the following articles that provide additional information about iOS 11 compatibility.


KB 16548 - FileMaker Go and iOS 11 compatibility

KB 16549 - Unable to import / insert content from Dropbox using FileMaker Go after updating to iOS 11


KB 16548 also provides information on 32-bit / 64-bit compatibility.  As many of you know, iOS 11 only supports 64-bit apps now.  FileMaker Go has been a 64-bit app since FileMaker Go 14.  If you happen to be using an older version of FileMaker Go, KB 16548 provides information on how you can transfer your data stored in your pre-14 version of FileMaker Go into a version of FileMaker Go supported by iOS 11.