FileMaker 16.0.4 Platform now available

Blog Post created by RosemaryTietge on Feb 6, 2018

Updated February 7, 2018 with additional information.


FileMaker, Inc. has released an update to the FileMaker 16 Platform:

  • FileMaker Pro 16.0.4 and FileMaker Pro 16.0.4 Advanced include general bug fixes.
  • FileMaker Go 16.0.4 addresses fixes bugs and iPhone X and iOS 11 compatibility issues.
  • FileMaker Server 16.0.4 includes bug fixes and updates to third-party components.
    Note: OS X El Capitan 10.11 is no longer supported. Update your operating system before updating FileMaker Server 16.


Learn more

FileMaker Pro 16.0.4 and FileMaker Pro 16.0.4 Advanced

FileMaker Go 16.0.4

FileMaker Server 16.0.4


Download the updates

FileMaker Pro 16.0.4 and FileMaker Pro 16.0.4 Advanced:

Under the in-product Help menu select Check for Updates or visit:


FileMaker Go 16.0.4:


FileMaker Server 16.0.4:


Additional information about removal of OS X El Capitan 10.11 support

OS X El Capitan 10.11 is not blocked. We could not certify against this OS because of an issue with Custom Web Publishing (CWP) that affects all current supported versions of FileMaker Server. See FileMaker announces end of support for OS x El Capitan 10.11 with FileMaker Server 16, 15, or 14 in the FileMaker Knowledge Base.


For all versions of FileMaker Server on OS X 10.11, if you deploy CWP or redeploy (which includes running an updater), deployment will not finish and CWP will not work.


If you are not currently running CWP on OS X 10.11, although not certified, FileMaker Server 16.0.4 may work as expected.