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FileMaker, Inc. has released FileMaker Pro 17.0.2 Advanced and FileMaker Go 17.0.3. Both releases address bug fixes and various compatibility issues.


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FileMaker Pro 17.0.2 Advanced

FileMaker Go 17.0.3


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FileMaker Pro 17.0.2 Advanced:

Under the in-product Help menu select Check for Updates

Or visit


FileMaker Go 17.0.3

Custom App Academy is an interactive, easy and free way to learn about the FileMaker Platform. But you already knew that. Today, we are announcing the biggest update to Custom App Academy since it's launch nearly 1 year ago... with a fresh look and lots of exciting new learning material.  Here's a detailed look at what's new in the Custom App Academy!


A fresh, new look


If you visit Custom App Academy today, the first thing you will notice is the new user interface. We took all the feedback that users like you gave us over the past year and designed a fresh new user experience that is easy, video-based and guided.





Take a look at the new website by visiting:


An easier way to identify content


Since our launch last year, our video lesson content has significantly grown. We have gone from 3 tutorials to 8 tutorials and now have a library with 70+ video lessons.  Aspiring developers can now plan, create, extend, share and integrate their first FileMaker custom app with the help of Custom App Academy.


To help users pick the right tutorial, we’ve organized the sections of the Custom App Academy homepage to align with the new user journey.


1. See what FileMaker can do:  Overviews of how to use layouts, starter apps and sample apps.


2. Learn the basics : A free video-based learning series that shows users how to create an app from scratch and how to extend it.Finally, whether you use FileMaker Cloud or FileMaker Server, we'll show you how to setup and deploy your app so your users can access it.


3. Go beyond the basics:  There topics for users who are familiar with the basic concepts of FileMaker and have developed an early prototype of a tool. You'll learn about the many ways you can integrate your app with other data sources and get an in-depth look at features launched in FileMaker 17.


New ‘featured’ sample apps


We know customers come to our website looking to find a tool that will help them automate a specific workflow, like CRM.  As a new offering in Custom App Academy, the featured sample apps provide new users with free, ready-to-use apps.  Each app includes 3 explainer videos that show how the app was planned, how it works and finally, an under-the-hood lesson that takes a closer look at the app.


Below is the CRM app at a glance (the Order Management app will feature the same components as this one).




Introducing new tutorials


The Custom App Academy library is expanding with new tutorials on ‘How to install and setup FileMaker Server’ and ‘Integration’.  Here’s a closer look at the lessons in each of the tutorials. 


Share using FileMaker Server
Watch tutorial >

Lesson # 1: About FileMaker Server | 1 video | 4 minutes

Lesson # 2: Setting up FileMaker Server with SSL | 3 videos | 9 minutes

Lesson # 3: Deploying Your App to FileMaker Server | 2 videos | 11 minutes

Lesson # 4: Configuring FileMaker Server | 2 videos | 15 minutes


Total Duration: 40 minutes



Watch tutorial >


Lesson # 1: Introduction to Integration | 2 videos | 9 minutes

Lesson # 2: External SQL Sources | 4 videos | 23 minutes

Lesson # 3: Insert From URL | 3 videos | 24 minutes


Tutorial Duration: 1 hour


We'd love to hear from you


It’s been quite the journey so far and the FileMaker Marketing and Customer Success team is humbled and energized by the community’s support.  We hope that you like the new design and offerings. As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can make Custom App Academy better.



FileMaker 17 Certification is now available through Pearson VUE.  Register here.


FileMaker 17 Certification demonstrates that you have achieved an essential level of knowledge, experience and skills in developing FileMaker solutions. As a FileMaker Certified developer you'll be able to:

  • Expand your skill set and become a more well-rounded developer.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest FileMaker technologies.
  • Invest in your career and increase your earning potential.
  • Use the FileMaker Certification logo on your website and business cards.


Review the new FileMaker Certification Study Guide to prepare for the exam.