Introducing your Workplace Innovation Platform

Blog Post created by RosemaryTietge on Aug 7, 2018

I hope you caught the keynote session this morning or, if you are not at DevCon, watched the livestream. If you missed the livestream, we will be publishing the video from this morning's special session later this week on our Workplace Innovation Platform web site.


The FileMaker Community is core to the Workplace Innovation Platform category message. When I say FileMaker Community, I mean this official  FileMaker Community, the dozens of user and developer groups around the world, our FileMaker Business Alliance partners, and everyone else who generously shares their expertise to help FileMaker customers succeed. The global FileMaker Community brings reach and resources that far exceed anything FileMaker, Inc., can do on our own.



In last night's keynote, I shared how the FileMaker Community supports itself through great resources like mdenyse's Data API / Admin API Packages/Wrappers For FM 17+ resource list, all the tools collected in that list, and everything else that you have shared in App Innovations and on your own blogs. I highlighted the Women of FileMaker's DevCon scholarship and mentoring programs. And I shared how the FileMaker Community transforms careers (including my own).


Here's the story I didn't have time to tell last night. In 2005, I was at a crossroads in my career. In order to grow, I needed to leave the comfortable position I was in, but I didn't know what I wanted to do next. When I envisioned my dream job, I imagined working for FileMaker as a Systems  Engineer. A few weeks before DevCon, I checked FileMaker's job listings on a whim and saw that an SE position was open. At DevCon, I asked a FileMaker employee about the opening, and he put me in touch with Andrew Lecates. The rest of that DevCon turned into a 3 day job interview and me asking all my FileMaker Community friends if I should actually apply for that job. In January 2006, I started at FileMaker as the newest Systems Engineer. Life hasn't been the same since.


It's now my honor and privilege to have "FileMaker Community Leader" in my title. I wouldn't be here without everyone who have led training classes, written books and articles, and everyone who has encouraged me on my path.  I would have never stepped forward in 2005 or into my current position without the support of this amazing community.


Thank you everyone.


How has DevCon or the FileMaker Community changed your path? Please share your story in the comments.