Innovation without the hype

Blog Post created by AnnMonroe on Sep 17, 2018

Today, FileMaker launched a new film series, Innovation Without the Hype. Help spread the word by sharing the films.


The campaign is part of a larger strategic move to define a new category for the FileMaker Platform as the world’s leading Workplace Innovation Platform.


To grow awareness for both our overall brand and the new category, we partnered with an award-winning global marketing agency to create six humorous films. The first three films debut today. Three additional films will be released over the next two months.


This campaign is rooted in a desire to stay true to what our brand has been about for more than 20 years – empowering problem solvers to innovate in the workplace, no matter where the workplace takes them.


Speak brand truth

FileMaker is a global company with a rich ecosystem of training, support, and partners. The FileMaker Platform is available in 15 languages with 1 million users under active subscription, and FileMaker, Inc. is an Apple subsidiary.


What we are not is a flashy startup brand characterized by pastel colors, acres of white space, and dozens of product offerings. The FileMaker Platform makes powerful technologies available to everyone.


Innovation Without the Hype films acknowledge this reality.


Showcase the Problem Solver vs. Extreme Innovator

Our campaign showcases two main characters: The Extreme Innovator and the Problem Solver. Both are in a pitch-off, presenting ideas for executives’ consideration in a series of board room scenarios.


In each instance, a business leader presents a real problem. Our Problem Solver recommends a solution built on the FileMaker Platform, while the Extreme Innovator resorts to hype-driven recommendations that are met with enthusiasm, but are unpromising to say the least.


You’ve probably run into an extreme innovator at least once. These people say a lot without saying much of anything, and offer trendy words and phrases in place of real solutions. Problem solvers, on the other hand, apply their creativity to come up with innovative solutions. 


In crafting this campaign, we decided to let the executives be swayed in the wrong direction for the sake of giving our audience a chance to be in on the joke. It’s painfully obvious by the end of each spot that the best option is the one presented by the rational mind of our Problem Solver.


Tell a story

We engage the viewer with episodes that are all different but yet repeat the same story arch. Repetition is important when trying to reach new users with our brand. We created a series to create this repetition. Repetition and frequency help people to remember our brand.


We created these films without actually showing any screenshots of FileMaker. After viewing these films, we introduce the FileMaker Platform with our Workplace Innovation Platform page that leads with an animated video: We then guide them to discover more about the FileMaker Platform.


FileMaker: Innovation Without the Hype.


Please share your comments below. We also invite you to join us in promoting the campaign by sharing the video and promoting the campaign using the hashtags.