Introducing FileMaker Templates

Blog Post created by steveromig on Jan 29, 2019

Would you like to be empowered to own your innovation through a modular approach?  As a problem solver, would you appreciate a solid foundation or starting point for your FileMaker app development?  Does the thought of moving from a set of manual processes to a focused and automated workflow excite you?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you are ready to check out FileMaker Templates:


FileMaker Templates are simplified custom apps that empower the DIY Problem Solvers among us to solve for their work rut.  The initial phase of FileMaker Templates are fully customizable FileMaker apps, pre-built with essential workflows for three common use cases:


  • Job Tracking - Manage your organization’s jobs, see how staff is allocated, and track the amount of time spent on tasks.  Plus, view relevant milestones and dates.
  • Memberships - Create and manage fundraising campaigns, maintain member activity, track donation history, and run reports.
  • Event Management - From tracking attendees and sessions to managing registrations, this template is ready to help manage your events.


FileMaker Templates consist of several elements.

Core file                                                      A core file is a functional base file with key elements, concepts, and functionality that a majority of the problem solvers among us will need.  Each core file incorporates industry design standards and a clean and consistent appearance.

A set of easy to follow DIY directions that add desired features and workflows to a core file.  Build-ons can be added at any time and in any order.  Each of the three Core files has eight (8) unique build-ons associated with it.




The individual build-ons introduce different features and functionality.  For example, one build-on might focus on charting, while another highlights integrating with an email client.  There is likely a build-on for everyone and everyone’s workflow or app.

End state fileA separate, downloadable version of the Core file with all the build-ons pre-built.  The End State File can also be referred to as "Completed App"


FileMaker Templates are designed to bridge the gap in resources between the Starter applications and Sample Application that ship with FileMaker Pro Advanced today.  But the reality is, FileMaker Templates are designed to appeal to all facet of FileMaker customer.  New customers to the FileMaker Platform are provided ready to use business solutions to help them immediately solve specific issues within their organization.  Existing customers benefit from well-documented scripts and consistent design practices along with the potential to learn about new features and techniques when extending a core file using build-ons.


Start your journey using FileMaker Templates by checking out the videos that are available for each one.  An animated overview video kicks things off by introducing you to the overall concept and purpose of a template while a more in-depth demo video walks you through the different screens and possible workflows of a template.


In the end, the first phase of FileMaker Templates is only limited by your imagination.


Download a template and start expanding your FileMaker Platform knowledge today.  FileMaker, Inc. is excited for you to get your hands on these latest offerings and look forward to your feedback and comments.