• FileMaker Admin API Demo for FMS/FMC17

    This is example of how to create an own custom FileMaker Admin Console using the FileMaker Admin API. The demo includes XML/PHP and Server settings, Clients/Databases and schedule managements.  The database is op...
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  • The New FileMaker Server 17 - Lotsa Changes...

    FileMaker Server is the true cornerstone of any app deployment. Big or small.   That has been the driving factor behind my desire to get very familiar with all of the FileMaker Server features, and it is a belief...
    created by wimdecorte
  • DemoKit17 - Portals for master-detail layouts

    The worldwide Solutions Consulting team at FileMaker, Inc. would like to share some of our favorite FileMaker 17 Platform features through a series of feature exploratory files. In this post, we’ll look at porta...
    created by Ronnie
  • WAN Performance Data Monitoring

    WAN performance can be difficult to measure and improve. Your solution works great in the office, but when used outside your network, it is slow. Why? How can you make it better? This is the topic of many community...
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  • New Developer - First Blog Post

    This is my first blog post in the community, so I thought I would just share how I became interested in the FileMaker platform. So, here goes...   I was working as the director of an it department. The company I...
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  • FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console

    The all-new FileMaker Server Admin Console has been redesigned to be more lightweight and to provide a simpler, responsive user interface that allows for easier viewing on different screen sizes and devices. As part o...
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