How To Report Your FileMaker Certification

Version 11

    Report your FileMaker certifications so they appear in your profile in the FileMaker Community, or if you're an FBA member, get a higher listing on the FileMaker consultant web page.


    1. For FileMaker Community
      • Your FileMaker Community login must use the same email address as you used to register for the exam.
      • Click the drop-down next to your name/avatar (in the header bar)
      • Select Edit Profile from the Personal menu.
      • Select the Your Profile tab on the resulting page.
      • Scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the Certification Registration Number(s) field.
      • Enter the certification number you received with your confirmation email/letter into the Certification Registration Number(s) field.
      • Click Save.
      • Please allow up to 24 hours for your certification update to be applied to your community profile.
      • Please contact if you have questions or problems.
    2. For FileMaker Business Alliance Members (FBA)
        1. Your full name

        2. FBA organizaton name

        3. Registration number