FileMaker Business Alliance Application

Version 7

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    To join the FileMaker Business Alliance, you will need to meet these requirements.


    1 - Minimum Technical Requirements

    A review of a current work sample is required for all new applicants. This review is waived if at least one full-time employee at the location holds a certification for the current FileMaker version.


    2 - Location requirements

    Each Additional Location must have a full time employee who reports to that location and actively works on FileMaker-related business at that location. Location(s) must be: a.) Business offices, b.) Home offices, or c.) Contracted rented desks (example: contracted desk rental, which is the same desk 5 days a week). P.O. boxes, mailbox service and mail forwarding companies, hourly hot-desk or co-desk sharing virtual offices do not qualify.


    3 - Business requirements

    The program is intended for companies that derive most of their revenues from consulting, hosting, training and/or reselling software. Applicants must agree to the following terms and conditions:

      • Company has been in business for a minimum of 1 year and is registered in the country in which you are applying.

      • Company's legal and trade name, URL, domain name, or email address must comply with FileMaker's trademark guidelines.

      • Company carries US $1 million in General Business Liability insurance. (US requirement only)

      • Company must provide two professional references.


    4 - Partnership fee requirement

    FileMaker Business Alliance partners are subject to the payment of an annual membership fee per each location.


    Australia655 AUD
    Austria462 EUR
    Belgium462 EUR
    Brasil569 USD
    Canada667 CAD
    China3,437 RMB
    Denmark3,433 DKK
    Finland462 EUR
    France462 EUR
    Germany462 EUR
    Iceland462 EUR
    Ireland462 EUR
    Italy462 EUR
    Japan56,000 JPY
    Korea560,000 KRW
    Luxemburg462 EUR
    Malaysia499 USD
    Mexico499 USD
    Netherland462 EUR
    New Zealand710 NZD
    Norway4,243 NOK
    Portugal462 EUR
    Singapore499 USD
    South Africa462 EUR
    Spain462 EUR
    Sweden4,396 SEK
    Switzerland494 CHF
    United Kingdom399 GBP
    United States & Latin America499 USD


    To begin the application process, follow the instructions in the attached file. Contact with any questions.