• Looking for jewelry retail pos

    Looking for a POS program that I can use in a jewelry store, inventory, service work, scanner, cash drawer and credit card.
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  • Search status then copy context to field

    Hi, I'm a little stuck and hoping someone can help. Let me start by explaining the issues, users are moving Job records to an existing record that has a status of "paid" or "invoiced".  We have a script to move ...
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  • Adjusting window position on launch

    I'm running FM 13 on a Mac and my initial window when I open the database jumps to the center of the screen. I would like it to open on the left side of the screen.   I have already tried moving the window to th...
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  • Controlling Visibility Based on Privileges

    Is there no way to determine a user’s ability to create new or delete existing records prior to trying?   Somehow I thought the function Get ( RecordAccess) would provide more detail about this, but it is ...
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  • FileMaker Commercial?

    Just found this    Apple-owned FileMaker debuts ad campaign starring ‘The Office’ cast | 9to5Mac
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  • Creating a Monthly and Year To Date Report with Filtered Portal Rows

    Hello all,   I have to create a report that pulls data from multiple tables for (in rows): Total Last Month, Total Same Month Last year, Total year-to-date and Total Year-To-Date Last Year.    The i...
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  • Excel Export of Repeating fields and PDF Landscape print

    I have a monthly report which uses 6 repeating fields to store the number of specific actions completed in a month.  I want the user to have the option to export to Excel or print to PDF. Excel:  The repea...
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  • Does the new FileMaker Pro 16 data API make it possible to build a custom ZAP in Zapier?

    I've seen lots of discussions about potential use of Zapier integration with FMP using Webhooks and RESTfm etc. Now that FMS 16 has in theory a native REST interface has anyone considered building a custom ZAP in Zapi...
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  • Parameter Passing Problem With Radio Button

    I have a very simple sort script that I call from a radio button. The radio button has three selections; Contact, Account and Date. I pass the radio button field to the sort script from OnObjectModify. For some reason...
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  • Script behaving differently when run on server versus client

    Hi-   I'm a relative FM newbie and have developed a fairly large application for my company that processes data each night from a 3rd party POS system. I have been running locally using FM Pro Advanced for a few...
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  • Print layout, stop page from breaking in data area with sorted subsummary

    Hi there,   I am trying to get FM to print our layout in a certain way but so far to no avail...   The whole setup is rather ordinary / simple, we have a header, a subsummary part which shows when we sort ...
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  • button bar, maintain segment width

    31 votes
    The button bar is an excellent new feature but if you hide any of the segments, your UI can suffer horrible gaps (unusable).   Have an option that maintains the segment width, with the choice to size to the ...
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  • Button Bars should include justification & margins

    26 votes
    Like the tab panel button bars should have justification settings so that if you are omitting a button with the hide object when function the buttons are not redistributed to the width of the bar but either shifted to...
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  • 日付範囲をキーとするリレーションの計算

    この場では初めて質問させていただきます。 万が一、至らぬ点があればご容赦を。   Mac版FileMaker Pro 15 Advanceを使用しております。 このようなデータベースにおいて、期間毎の集計をしたいと思っています。 (実際はもっと混みいっていますが、簡略化のために必要なフィールドを抽出し、質問の趣旨を説明できるように変更してあります。)   【現状】 Table_A:各日のTable_Bのデータを...
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  • 豆腐文字の解決方法を知りたい

    クライアントPC(AVLA)にPro15をインストールしたところ、豆腐文字になってしまいました(画像参照)。 どこかのQ&Aにあったと思いますが見つけられなかったのでこちらで質問させて頂きます。   Windows7 64bitのノートPC FileMaker Pro 15     Windowsに制御されている箇所はちゃんと出ます。 画像で言うと、ウインドウの枠の部分は英語も日...
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  • WebViewer blink

    Hi I have create a calendar with fullcallendar and I have implemented in my app. I have a problem when I am adding event to the calendar, the refreshing is blinking the calendar. I am using a recursive custom func...
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  • Resource-Calendar

    Here's a cleaned up and a bit enhanced version of my landscape-timeline web viewer-based calendar. Improved FM Go touch-handling   • double-click/long-touch into grid for new event • click on row-t...
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  • Force Re-LookUp / Re-Calc

    Is there a way to force a "re-look up" or "re-calculation" when changing information in one table that affects a calculation in another table. I am using a standard CLIENT / INVENTORY / INVOICE / INVOICE LINE ITEM er...
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  • Portal deletion of same portal line item from two diffrent portal tables

    Hello Friends, Currently I have 2 portals 1st (Godown) and 2nd (Shop) in 2 different layouts name. In essence I  have to a sync a  selected portal line data field  or we can say tranfer(Shop) field d...
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  • Insert from URL losing connection

    HI there,   I need to find out if I am using the Insert from URL script correctly. I need to get a PDF off a website, and the web developer sent me a link to download the pdf. The link comes to me like this, &#...
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