• Select Record and show specific data

    I'm sure this is the simplest of simple, but for the life of me I can't figure it out.    I have several records, and I'm creating a label layout, but when I select a specific record, I want it show specif...
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  • Unable to access host in FileMaker Go using LTE

    Relevant Details: Server: Windows Server 2012, FileMaker Server Client: iPhone 6s Plus, FileMaker Go 15.0.4, iOS 10.3.1, T-Mobile Service   I'm experiencing an issue where my FileMaker Go clients ar...
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  • Script not opening file after save

    A script I have been using for a while suddenly won't open a tab-sep after exporting it. Word is the designated app for .tab, and it opens in Word when clicked. But "automatically open" in the step is failing. Any clues?
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  • How to save parameters through a "Save a Copy as a Clone"

    I've been using FileMaker for many years (since version 7), and consider myself an intermediate-level user. I keep running into a problem for which there has to be a simple solution. I share my database "solution" wit...
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  • FM iOS SDK Open Remote 802 Error - SSL Required?

    I recently started working with the FM iOS SDK (version 16.0.4) and am trying to use a launcher file to run the Open Remote script step to access a file hosted on FileMaker Server (version 15).   When building t...
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  • Client running on Server Disconnects

    I have a server with v15 client and server installed. Clients have no issues with connectivity from remote workstations but when accessing the hosted file off the server via client I get frequent disconnects. The serv...
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  • Security for Separated Solutions

    There's quite a good discussion going on in another thread (A Conversation About '2 Factor Authentication') regarding the dangers of attempting to use so-called "ersatz" security measures. Rather than derail that thre...
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  • Creating an image slideshow thru 1 window

    I have about 20 container fields externally storing photos.  Contents are in a child table to the layout that they will be displayed. Is there a way to have the images randomly show like a slideshow when the lay...
    created by tomperr
  • FMS16 Error 701 Web Publishing Engine process has terminated abnormally

    I seem to get this error randomly (about weekly).  I am running FMS 16.0.2 WebDirect (only) on a high-end server.  If users are logged in, it shuts them down.  It appears to happen at random times wheth...
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  • Question about data in portal linked to specific field

    Hi all!   I have started with the Basic Inventory example to manage my raw materials for production. The main table has the name,  general details and an id number. I have added a separate table for Recepti...
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  • How to set field a checkbox with multiple option?

    Hi I know this is basic to some but I have been searching for how to do this.   I have a checkbox set that has a value list of different sizes, The value list is: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.   How c...
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  • Counting Records less than 5000 crashes my Filemaker

    I have a dashboard that is connected to about 10 tables that pulls information in to give an overview.  I had 7 portals that pulled information but then it starting to act slow, to non responsive when I started t...
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  • combining the AWS FileMaker Cloud host cost with other AWS costs in a single account

    We had some other matters get in the way of our FileMaker project, so we had to put it on hold temporarily. We think we're about ready to get started now, but now we have another question.  First some background:...
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  • Sales Tax Project

    I am trying to automate the sales tax process (payments to states) within our company.  Currently it is done by downloading selected records that have sales tax.  We pay different states different cycles (mo...
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  • Customising the FM WebDirect Home Page

    Now that WebDirect is so much more useable, much faster and requires much less RAM - I imagine that some more folk will use it and want to customise the WebDirect HomePage to suit their customers.   I attach a s...
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  • File loses ability to open EDS on startup

    I'm not happy with the wording of my question.   I have two files, A & B. (local, not hosted). B is an EDS of A. A sets a global variable in Startup script, referencing B and EDS looks to that variable. &#...
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  • Script steps where a file path can be defined should be able to use container fields

    26 votes
    Script steps where a file path can be defined to select a file should be able to use container fields.   Insert file Insert picture Insert PDF Insert Audio/Video Send Mail (select attachment) Import records...
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  • Create a record based on 2 fields

    Hi everyone, I have just discovered Filemaker and started with an application for a school. I have a problem that may be easy but I can't get through it with my basic knowledge in Filemaker...   Table 1: Course...
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  • 簡単体重管理について

    初級レベルにて体重管理から始めました。 ・連番 ・測定日 ・測定時間 ・体重 ・前回との差 以上のフィールドですが、最後の「前回との差」の 計算方法が分からず、未完成です。 一つ前のレコードのデータ「体重」から今回の測定結果を 引き体重の変化を表示したいです。 初歩的な質問で申し訳ありませんがよろしくお願いします。
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  • External Authentication to a FileMaker File.

    5 votes
    Going beyond the current implementation of External Authentication, this idea is to allow authentication against another FileMaker File, so your accounts do not need to be replicated across multiple files in a solutio...
    Jason Wood
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