• Filtered dropdown list across multiple records using multi-keys

    I took a great deal of time to study ISO Magazine tutorials provided by Matt Petrowsky. I would recommend them to every Filemaker aspirant. I am interested in the dropdown across multiple records that would eliminate ...
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  • Support plugins in Data API

    19 votes
    When you trigger a script via Data API, the plugins are not available. Please have DAPI process load plugins for use in calculations and script triggers there. Thank you.
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  • Server Resource Management (throttling)

    19 votes
    Some FileMaker shops run like the wild west, full of villains and vigilantes. The sherif should be able to set some basic rules to help everyone get along.   The current unregulated approach to server resources ...
    Chris Irvine
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  • Script not executing after re-login step

    I'm trying to create auto login solution for webdirect using the example provided here: https://gomainspring.com/filemaker-community/devcon-webdirect-series-1-of-4-homeurl-and-auto-login/   However, the script...
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  • Provided account name and password cannot be used?

    Hi , Am pretty new to FM and I set up a database and now when I try to open it I am getting a message saying "The provided account and password cannot be used to access this file.".  I'm 99% sure I'm using the c...
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  • Typeahead in Popup Menus on Windows

    1 vote
    Popup Menus should support typeahead on Windows the same way as it is supported on Mac. Arrow keys are supported but typeahead does not work on Windows. This applies to tools in native FileMaker Dialogs as well as to ...
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  • Value Lists on Windows needs to behave more like on MAC

    3 votes
    FileMaker 17 on Windows - Value Lists have huge gaps between each value and also the roller wheel does not work on value lists, popup menu goes to top of screen into window header, so when you click on it, it adjusts ...
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  • Performance trend analysis of newer FileMaker Clients

    We have created this post in relation to the thread Use "Insert Calculated Result" to concatenate strings! <= Groundbreaking Performance Leap! which highlights alternative methods to improve performance in later ve...
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  • Alternative ways to produce summary in other table

    Hi, I am new to filemaker. I would like to modify my script from one table to other table.   I have table A to store data, containing category so I would like to create a summary from A and put the result in tab...
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  • Need help allowing users data entry access but denying printing access?

    I am trying to control this thru privileges , giving them access to create , edit and delete records, and view in all else, and unchecking the printing option, but then when I run a test the user has no access to ente...
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  • Loop, find value and jump out of loop help?

    I'm a rookie here. I have other programming experience just not in FM much.   I'm trying to cycle through all my "Observation item" records for one called "Beacon off" and then put that time into a variable call...
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  • Adding a new record from search, record not found

    Here is what I am trying to do: 1 - First I enter data that can exist in one of two fields. I am doing this using a global field and a quick find. This seems to work fine. It populates the layout when it finds a reco...
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  • New script step: open snapshot

    27 votes
    Snapshots are a fantastic feature, but its usage is too limited. In many situations, they could be a core component of our solutions if we could control how they open.   The following limitations are there for ...
    Fabrice Nordmann
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  • JSON Number value (empty) = zero ?

    OK, deep philosophical debate:   let( someJSONobject = JSONSetElement ( "" ; "aNumber" ; aNumberField ; JSONNumber ) ; JSONGetElement ( someJSONobject ; "aNumber" ) )   if the field "aNumberField" has ...
    created by PeterGort
  • Can't display record in portal

    I have two table with the relationship. In the one table ,I can creat portal record , but when I click other area, the record disappear in the portal. But I can find the record in the other one. What's the matter wit...
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  • Connect 3-tables

    I have this 3 tables (USR-User Data Entry table, ITR-Retail Transaction table and SJ-Sales Journal table). So my problem is I can't get the right relationship connection between this 3 tables on how to update the r...
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  • Goto Layout Based on Login

    I'm working on an AfterCare db and when I have an aftercare worker named "AfterCare" log in how do I go about having the db switch to a Check In layout when the aftercare worker logs in via script?   Any input i...
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  • Survey Skip Logic

    Title Survey Skip Logic Post Hi, I am creating a form for surveyors to use to enter data on mobile devices, and want to make it as straight-forward as possible. I am new to Filemaker, and have only done simple scrip...
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  • Can't Enter Or Tab Into A Global Variable In A Popover?

    I created a popover, dragged a Global field and a button onto it, but can't enter the field. I clicked on the global variable field and set the permissions in the inspector to allow entry  Then when I Launched th...
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  • How do I hide objects based on multiple fields

    I am feeling stuck despite having read several messages on the subject, so I am asking for my specific instance, as I could not understand whether the other similar question matched my situation or not.   I am t...
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