FileMaker Business Alliance FAQs

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What is the FileMaker Business Alliance?

The FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) is worldwide and designed for organizations that deliver custom apps to enhance workflow and productivity of business customers, whether they use iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac or the Web to get their work done.


FBA members include FileMaker consultants, trainers, publishers, solution providers, plug-in providers, resellers, and hosting companies.


Companies looking to increase their business opportunities through exclusive sales and marketing support from FileMaker, Inc. benefit from FBA membership. The FBA provides a host of resources including training, promotional benefits, sales resources, co-marketing opportunities and product discounts to help you grow your business.



What are the membership fees?

Membership in the FileMaker Business Alliance is subject to the payment of an annual membership fee per location of $499USD or local equivalent . This fee provides certain resources and benefits and permits the listing of multiple offices within the contracted region provided these offices are staffed by at least one full time staff who works with FileMaker.


Annual membership fees: US$499 each or local equivalent for each location.



What are the requirements to join the FileMaker Business Alliance?

To be recognized and listed on for providing certain FileMaker services, there are specific requirements for each business type.

New FBA - Upon initial application to the FBA, please specify your business type/s and supply the required materials.

Existing FBA - If you are an existing FBA partner and wish to be recognized on the FileMaker website for an additional business type, please email and request the change.



  • Company has been in business for a minimum of 1 year and is registered in the country in which you are applying.
  • Person signing the membership contract is over 18 years of age.
  • Applicant must have a business website that clearly describes your business and products and includes email contact, phone number, location address,  business hours, current versions of FileMaker products. FileMaker Trademark Guidelines and FileMaker Corporate Style Guide.
  • Company’s legal and trade name, URL, domain name, or email address must comply with FileMaker’s guidelines and may not include any FileMaker trademark, or a variation, phonetic equivalent, foreign language equivalent, takeoff, or abbreviation.
  • Company carries US $1 million General Business Liability Insurance (US only)
  • Company will identify primary technical contacts by name and submit proof of technical certifications.
  • Provide two professional references.


What are the business types available within the FBA Program?

Since customers have a variety of needs related to FileMaker solutions, many FBA partners offer a wide range of services.  Your company may offer one or several of the needed services listed below. By applying and meeting the requirements for the various FBA business types, your company will be listed on the FileMaker website and presented to customers who search on that business type or service. You will be prompted during and/or after the application process to submit the required information below for your business types.


Consultants: Offers FileMaker custom development services

* Two customer references

* Access to a sample of your work (if you or a full-time employee in your organization have a FileMaker certification in the current version, the work sample requirement is waived)


Resellers: Resells FileMaker software

* Attend the FBA Reseller Qualification Training. The training provides an interactive and productive way for your company to get the tools to:

* Resell FileMaker software with your solutions

* Present FileMaker benefits with a proven message

* Grow your business and the FileMaker community of users


Training Provider: Delivers FileMaker training courses

* Instructor must be certified in the current version

* Conduct a minimum of 4 classes per year

* Training schedule on your website

* Complete FBA Training agreement


Hosting Providers: Provides FileMaker database hosting services

* FileMaker Server license must be 1 per customer (dedicated)

* 24/7 availability

* Automatic notification of downtime

* Secured server facility


Solution Provider: Sells commercial FileMaker solutions (one to many), plug-ins, add-ons, and/or developer tools, and are eligible to participate in the Solution Bundle Agreement program

* Two customer references

* Access to a sample of commercial solutions (Must be reviewed and approved)

* Link to video (5-10 minutes)  demo of commercial solution


For more information see the FileMaker Business Alliance Program Guide.



What are the FBA Six Pillars of Excellence?

FileMaker’s Six Pillars of Excellence focus on technical and business activities that ensure the delivery of high-quality service and solutions. These standards are supported throughout the FBA with resources, opportunities and recommendations that are detailed in this guide. Together with our FBA partners, we strive to deliver to customers, visually exceptional and transformational solutions through six methods, three with a technical focus and three with a business focus:


  • Design – Use interactive design and visual appeal to create an exceptional user experience
  • Develop - Solve complex and technically challenging projects
  • Educate - Introduce, educate and promote the adoption of latest technologies among new and existing developers.
  • Innovate - Demonstrate innovation, competitive differentiation and customer value in a product that runs on or enables better solutions on the FileMaker Platform. (i.e. SBA solutions, plug-ins, developer tools)
  • Advocate - Expand awareness of the FileMaker Platform and generate a high volume of new prospective customers
  • Grow - Contribute revenue through sales of the FileMaker Platform, have a clear definition of business growth, expand licensing knowledge and marketing investments

To encourage excellency in all FileMaker customer interactions we recommend that each FBA company meet at least one pillar. FileMaker provides several business and learning opportunities to help your company fulfill each category. Following are details on each pillar.



What can I expect once in the FileMaker Business Alliance?

Once approved, FileMaker Business Alliance partners will receive an email to submit payment. Once payment is received, the FBA partner will receive a welcome email from their local regional office. The email you receive will contain your information on how to access the FBA Space web site. This web site contains resources such as contact information, sales tools, logos, co-marketing opportunities, and more. The primary contact of the FBA membership will be subscribed to the FBA Forum, the online FileMaker business forum. You will also receive an electronic certificate of membership. Your business services and products may be listed on the FileMaker website depending on your business type.



We have a FileMaker consulting business, a training facility, and we also sell a commercial product. How would I benefit from joining the FileMaker Business Alliance?

For one FileMaker Business Alliance membership fee, the company, if requirements are met, may have a listing in the partner search, training and solution directories on the FileMaker web site.



I understand the FileMaker Business Alliance program is a US$499 annual membership fee. What is the cost to become “Platinum” level in the FBA program?

Platinum members of the FileMaker Business Alliance are nominated by FileMaker Business Account Managers or Regional Managers. An additional fee is not required for this level. Following are additional requirements, over and above standard FBA requirements, that partners must meet for Platinum level consideration:


* Invited and interviewed by FileMaker, Inc.

* Occupy professional office location(s)

* Employ at least 2 technical staff that develop on the FileMaker Platform

* Employ at least one full-time developer (certified in the current version or one version back)

* Track record of joint-selling with FileMaker, Inc. Sales teams

* Ability and plan for acquisition of customers that are new to FileMaker

* Sales from multiple clients

* Complete annual business plan agreement which includes revenue goal (direct and indirect)

* Be approved by FileMaker, Inc. local Vice President

* Attend the FBA Reseller Qualification Training (meetings / webinars)



I have multiple offices, how can I get them listed on the FileMaker web site?

Yes. A location must include a full time employee who reports to that location and actively works on FileMaker-related business at that location. The physical location must be:

a.) Business office

b.) Home office or

c.) Contracted rented desks (example: contracted desk rental, which is the same desk 5 days a week). P.O. boxes, mailbox service and mail forwarding companies, hourly hot-desk or co-desk sharing virtual offices do not qualify. FBA Annual Membership Fee: $499USD for each location or currency equivalent


Just like the FBA membership, each location also receives a FileMaker Pro Advanced Not For Resale software download.


If adding an additional location outside of your FBA new or renew date, your additional location will be prorated to expire with your FBA membership.


To add an additional location to your FBA Company contact


If your location is in a different geographical region, (Americas, EMEIA, Japan, Asia Pacific), then you must fill out a separate FBA application for that geo. Your FBA partner status (such as Platinum or Trainer level) in the originating company is not transferred. You must submit and meeting requirements or be nominated by the FileMaker office within the geography to obtain these statuses.



What is the FileMaker policy as it relates to Trainer level members and additional training listings?

If you offer FileMaker training and have multiple training locations, you must purchase additional locations for US$499. In addition to the listing in the Training Directory on the FileMaker web site, you will be eligible to apply for the FileMaker Educational Software Grant at no additional cost.



What is the 30-seat Educational Software Grant?

FileMaker Business Alliance Trainer level partners may apply for the 30-seat Educational Software Grant at no additional cost. This allows trainers to install up to 30-seats of the current version of FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Server in their facility for use in their training courses. Certain restrictions apply. We encourage trainer level members to provide instructional courses in the latest versions of the FileMaker Platform.



I have a commercial solution built in FileMaker. I'd like to sell it as a bundle with FileMaker Pro. Are there any discounts on FileMaker software?

Many customers share a similar need for packaged solutions that are specifically designed for their industry or task. FileMaker encourages the creation of professionally developed solutions bundled with FileMaker software and sold to a particular industry or large group of customers to meet their needs. The Solution Bundle Agreement (SBA) is designed for FBA partners who want to distribute FileMaker software bundled with their developed solutions and will benefit from increased margins on licensing. FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server are available for special volume discounts in this program. SBA solutions may be promoted on the FileMaker website providing an easy way for customers to find what they need.


SBA Requirements

* Minimum requirements to qualify for the SBA:

* FileMaker Business Alliance partner in good standing

* Complete annual SBA agreement

* Minimum initial order of 10 units of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Licensing for Teams Users. Must purchase at least 50 licenses or users per year in order to renew for the following year. Other purchase requirements apply.

* Solutions considered for the SBA program must be submitted to FileMaker, Inc. for review and approval

* FileMaker software purchased under SBA program cannot be sold separately from the bundled solution

* FileMaker reserves the right to audit customer/client licensing usage


Click here to learn more: Solution Bundle Agreement



I'd like to be able to offer my clients a full service solution (e.g. bundling FileMaker Pro with my solution) and order FileMaker software as needed. Is there a buying option for me?

FBA members have the ability to purchase FileMaker software for resale at a discount. Please refer to the FBA Purchasing Tutorial when you’re ready to buy. Reseller Qualification Training is highly recommended prior to reselling FileMaker software.



What is FileMaker Reseller Qualification Training?

The FBA Reseller Training provides an interactive and productive way for your company to get the tools to:

  • Resell FileMaker licensing with or without providing consulting services
  • Present the FileMaker core messaging and demo to prospective customers
  • Grow your business and the FileMaker community of users



Why should I get FileMaker Certified?

FileMaker Certification not only helps you meet the Develop pillar, but gives you a competitive advantage over other developers such as a higher rating on the FileMaker Consultants listing. It adds credibility to your organization, and is also a requirement for FBA Platinum consideration.



As an FBA partner do I receive a FREE annual subscription to the FileMaker Developer Subscription (FDS)?

No. FBA partners do not receive a FREE annual subscription to the FileMaker Developer Subscription as part of their membership. We highly recommend that at least one member of your organization purchase the FileMaker Developer Subscription. For US$99 per year, you receive the Development License of FileMaker Server, iOS App SDK, and pre-release software when available.



What type of FileMaker software or product discounts do FBA partners receive?

FBA partners are eligible to receive one not-for-resale copy of  FileMaker Pro Advanced (value US$549). In addition, FBA partners may purchase additional FileMaker software for internal use at a 50% discount. And finally, FBA partners may resell FileMaker software. See the FBA Purchasing Tutorial for more information.



Do I need to sign up for the FileMaker Community if I am an FBA member?

No. The primary contact of the FBA company will automatically be enrolled in the FileMaker Community. New members will receive a Welcome email with login information and will then have access to technical resources such as technical briefs, white papers, how-to articles, invitations to exclusive web seminars, access to iOS development resources and more. You’ll also get access to the Discussion Forums where you can meet and exchange ideas with other FileMaker users and developers. We encourage that all employees of an FBA company each sign up for the FileMaker Community at:



I've misplaced my license key for my NFR copy of FileMaker Pro  Advanced?

Contact and request a resend. An email will be sent from with your license key and download link. We encourage members to save your license key information in a safe place as download link access expires after 30 days for security reasons. We can reactivate your links upon request but this may delay your access.



I have certified developers on staff and would like to update my public listing on the FileMaker web site to display the certifications. How do I do that?

Email the full name and Pearson Vue Registration Number with a request to add to the specific FBA company name to Note that it may take up to 72 hours for the system to verify certification entries and for the directory to be updated.



Why am I charged sales tax for my FileMaker FBA membership?

Sales tax is a complex and changing area, particularly with Internet sales transactions that involve electronic/physical delivery of software/content. The FileMaker Business Alliance/FileMaker Developer Subscription programs deliverables may include tangible items. Offering physical deliverables and discounts on products can trigger tax in many states. FileMaker has configured its systems to ensure that we collect and remit sales taxes where there is a chance that tax jurisdictions will ultimately find that sales tax is due. Membership in these programs is voluntary. If you have an issue with the way FileMaker has treated the taxability of these transactions, you can choose to not participate in the program.