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    Custom Function


    Mac OS X, Windows
    William Roger Moseid
    FMP 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 11
    Model Masters
    Web: Yes
    File Type: ZIP
    Server: Yes
    FileSize: ~ .4 megabytes


    Construct a variable name, assigns a tooltip's text to a variable and returns zero so that we don't interrupt the loop when it runs. This function is intended to be used in a script which populates tool tips throughout a file.




    "Let(" & // Begin the Let function.

    "$$_tooltip_" & ToolTip::ToolTipID & // Construct the variable name.

    " = " & Quote(ToolTip::ToolTipText) & // Assigns the tooltip's text to the variable.

    "; 0)" // Returns zero so that we don't interrupt the loop



    Sample Input

    Sample Output
    ToolTips ( ToolTip::ToolTipID ; ToolTip::ToolTipText

    If ( ToolTip::ToolTipsEnabled = "No" ; "" ; $$_tooltip_LayoutNav)

    Developer's Notes


    The ToolTips functionality enables you to do all your ToolTip creation and management from one

    central location. With a click of the button, you can create and, enable/disable ToolTips visibility.

    The custom function, ToolTips uses "Call by Name" to load all ToolTipIDs into variables. Using named

    variables to create a global variable in the Let function, allows referencing ToolTips by their string

    identifiers. Example: $$_ToolTip_GotoListView. “$$_ToolTip_” is the global variable. The appended

    “GotoListView” is the ID name of the ToolTip. The associated ToolTip Text is:

    “Click Here To

    Go To The

    List View”



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