Number Calculations

Version 2




    Mac OS X, Windows
    Todd Duell
    FMP 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 11
    Formulations Pro
    Web: No
    File Type: FP7
    Server: Yes
    FileSize: ~ .48 megabytes


    FileMaker Pro 7 has several new useful number functions. Possibly the best function comes by applying the new capability to Auto Enter a value based on a self-referencing calculation (i.e. a calculation based on the contents of the same field or previously known as creating a circular definition). For example if you look at the define fields for the Number field you will see that it is set to auto enter the same value entered in the Number field rounded to 2 significant figures. When the user exists the field or commits the record the auto enter calculation will be triggered. That means that you don't need a second calculation to display or round the value to 2 digits, you don't need to format the field on the layout, and you don't have to create a validation warning if the user enters more than 2 significant figures. The auto enter function will overwrite the user's entry with the defined calculation.


    See sample file


    Sample Input

    Sample Output

    Developer's Notes

    See sample file for full demo and technical article.


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