Back and Forward Buttons

Version 2




    Mac OS X, Windows
    Todd Duell
    FMP 9, 10, 11
    Formulations Pro
    Web: No
    File Type: FP7
    Server: Yes
    FileSize: ~ .74 megabytes


    It seems like everyone wants back and forward navigation buttons in their FileMaker solution that mimic a web browser. Honestly, I have to tell you that I hate installing back and forward buttons because this is a database, not a web browser. Not to say that it can't be done, or that it's overly difficult, or that the features of a web browser aren't very appealing. However, back and forward buttons in FileMaker can break down at some point and they can add quite a bit of overhead to your solution depending on your approach. In fact, I've seen a number of solutions that involve custom functions and calculations that always seem to have problems in complex, controlled solutions. Therefore, what I'll be demonstrating in this solution is a small addition to an existing universal Navigation script. This method will let you selectively log the user's navigation for use with the back and forward buttons. Finally, I'll round out the solution with conditional formatting of the back and forward buttons to make it intuitive for the user.




    Sample Input

    Sample Output

    Developer's Notes

    See sample file for full demo and technical article.


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