Record display

Version 2


    Web Viewer


    Mac OS X, Windows
    Russell Wilkinson
    FMP 8.5, 9, 10, 11
    Alastair Sawday Publishing
    Web: Yes
    File Type: FP7
    Server: Yes
    FileSize: ~ .05 megabytes


    Shows information normally visible in top application menu bar.



    // web viewer nav info: start by declaring that this web viewer isn’t calling an external URL


    "data:text/html," &


    /* now fill in your opening HTML (you could stick to plain text if you prefer - and for this to be used in the context of IWP, you need to - in which case you can skip this bit). For a more ‘portable’ solution, you could store this code within a global field in your solution and include its contents instead, granting the ability to manage styles across the solution from a central point. */












    // build the content of the page from our FileMaker data - in this case we're showing the user information about the found set.


    // if we're in Find Mode, show the number of requests


    If ( Get ( WindowMode ) = 1 ; Get ( RequestCount ) & " find request" & If ( Get ( RequestCount ) > 1 ; "s." ; "." ) ;


    // else show number of records, including found, current and total


    If ( Get ( FoundCount ) = Get ( TotalRecordCount ) ; "All records shown." ;


    "Found " & Get ( FoundCount ) & " of " & Get ( TotalRecordCount ) & " records." ) &


    " Showing record number " & Get ( RecordNumber ) & “.”






    // close up all the HTML (again, skip this if you're just using plain text)







    Sample Input

    Sample Output
    [current record set]

    Found 2 of 45 records. Showing record number 1.

    Developer's Notes

    When using this method for layouts that are to be displayed under IWP, you need to use text rather than HTML.


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