Image display at 100% Width OR Height

Version 2


    Web Viewer


    Mac OS X, Windows
    Nicolaus Busch
    FMP 9, 10, 11
    N. Busch GmbH
    Web: No
    File Type: None
    Server: Yes
    FileSize: 0 kilobytes


    An image is displayed in the webviewer. The image will always use the full width or height of the webviewer depending on the images dimensions no matter how the webviewer is resized.




    tmp_Path = Case( Abs( Get ( SystemPlatform ) = 1) ; "file:///Volumes/" & Substitute( Path ; ":" ; "/" ) ; Path )



    TrFile_Exists( "-unused" ; tmp_Path ) <> 1 ;


    GetAsNumber( RightWords ( Dimensions ; 1)) > GetAsNumber( LeftWords( Dimensions ; 1)) ;







    " ;










    ) // end case

    ) // end let


    Sample Input

    Sample Output

    Developer's Notes


    This code is intended for a webviewer object set to autoresize in all directions. The image will always be displayed in such a way that either the width or the heigth of the webviewer is used completely, depending on the images dimensions.


    We use the Troi File Plugin to do two things beforehand:

    - grab the path and write it to the datafield “Path”

    - using TrFile_MetaData we fill the field “Dimension” with a text like “1600 x 1300”



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