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    Mac OS X, Windows
    Andrew Duncan
    FMP 10, 11
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    FileMaker Pro has the option per file to use smart quotes which are represented as the curly quotation marks and curly apostrophes which is set via the File menu > File Options>Text tab. These smart quotes can cause problems when interfacing with external systems that don't support smart quotes.


    This functions uses the new Char function in FileMaker Pro v10 to remove any single or double smart/curly quotes from the specified text and replace them with plain (straight) quotes and apostrophes. (You can make this function work with previous version of FileMaker by copy/pasting an example of each left/right single and double smart quote/apostrophe into the calculation in place of the Char function).




    // SYNTAX: RemoveSmartQuotes (text)

    // ORIGIN:

    // NOTES: Removes Smart/Curly Quotes and Apostrophes from specified text into non smart/curly quotes and apostrophes. Requires FileMaker 10 or higher

    // VERSION: 1.0v1

    // © 2010 Andrew Duncan, Databuzz,Sydney, Australia



    Substitute (


    text ;


    [ Char ( 8216 ) ; "'" ] ; // left smart quote

    [ Char ( 8217 ) ; "'" ] ; // right smart quote


    [ Char ( 8220) ; "\"" ] ; // left double smart quote

    [ Char ( 8221) ; "\"" ] // right double smart quote




    Sample Input

    Sample Output
    “hello World”

    "hello World"

    Developer's Notes



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