January 2011 FileMaker TechNet News and Updates

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    January 2011 FileMaker TechNet News and Updates



              • Happy New Year! Start Your DevCon 2011 Planning Now!

              • New Webinar: Optimize Your Solution's Performance in FileMaker Server



              • Allow User Abort and FileMaker Go

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              • Member Product Announcements

              • January/February Course Schedule from FileMaker Authorized Trainers






    Happy New Year! Start Your DevCon 2011 Planning Now!

    Everyone in FileMaker Developer Relations hopes that you had a wonderful holiday season and are getting your new year off to a good start! And what better new year's resolution than to plan to attend DevCon 2011! The San Diego Hilton Bay Front is offering great room discounts for the conference, but the number of rooms is limited so you'll want to reserve yours soon before they're all gone. We're also offering an "early bird" registration discount through June 17. You can find out more about DevCon 2011 at:




    New Webinar: Optimize Your Solution's Performance in FileMaker Server

    Do you know that you can increase the performance of your FileMaker Server hosted solution by implementing some simple measures like reducing the number of unstored calculations, multiple relationship hops, and multi-predicate joins? Find out more about these techniques and many other ways to get the most from FileMaker Server in the latest TechNet web seminar, "FileMaker Server Availability and Scalability," presented by FileMaker System Engineer Matthew O'Dell. You can download the webinar recording from the Technical Resources section of the TechNet Members Only area.









    Allow User Abort and FileMaker Go

    The Allow User Abort script step has two very clear use cases in FileMaker Pro: 1) when set to ON (by default), it allows users to press the Escape key to abort a running script at any point in its execution; or 2) when set to OFF, it prevents the user from aborting a running script, letting the script run until it reaches a valid Exit Script condition. Typically, use case #1 targets scripts that can be safely aborted without leaving data modification in an unfinished state, and use case #2 targets scripts that modify data and should not be interrupted in order to safeguard data integrity. Both of these use cases are equally valid when using Allow User Abort in FileMaker Go. But because iOS is quite different from the traditional FileMaker platforms, using Allow User Abort in FileMaker Go can have some subtle ramifications.


    As of this writing, iOS devices do not include physical keyboards, so there is no Escape key with which to explicitly abort a script when Allow User Abort is on. Instead, a tap on the device screen (even an accidental tap), while a script is running with Allow User Abort on will interrupt the script. In FileMaker Pro, the script aborts immediately, but FileMaker Go displays an alert asking the user to confirm that aborting the script is really what was intended. If the user does not respond to the alert within a few seconds, the alert automatically goes away and the script continues. So if you have a script that you do not want the user to be able to intentionally or accidentally interrupt, then you must set Allow User Abort to OFF.


    However, not all script steps are supported in FileMaker Go, so always setting Allow User Abort to off can potentially be problematic. When Allow User Abort is off, and Set Error Capture is on, and the executing script encounters an unsupported script step, FileMaker Go displays an alert that identifies the offending unsupported script step. However, this alert does not allow the user to abort the script, it is purely informational. If Allow User Abort is on and Set Error Capture is off, then FileMaker Go continues executing past the unsupported script steps without even warning the user. This is why it is especially important to be aware of unsupported script steps in FileMaker Go, and to fully test legacy scripts that were not created specifically for FileMaker Go before deploying with production data. You can use Get( LastError ) to detect unsupported script step errors; test for error code 3, "command is unavailable," and error code 4, "command is unknown."


    Another aspect of iOS deployment that can interrupt your scripts regardless of the Allow User Abort state, is an incoming phone call on an iPhone, or a press of the Home button on any iOS device. These events override any app, forcing it to immediately quit. In the case with FileMaker Go, that means that an executing script aborts immediately. If Allow User Abort is on in such a case, then FileMaker Go enters a "hibernation" state when it exits. This means that, although your script still aborts, when you re-launch FileMaker Go, the database opens restored to the previous state. If Allow User Abort is off when the iOS event interruption occurs, then the executing script aborts and FileMaker Go quits instead of hibernates.


    The following links list FileMaker Knowledge Base articles and documents containing more information about Allow User Abort, scripting strategies, and optimizing for FileMaker Go deployment:


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    Optimizing your FileMaker Solutions for FileMaker Go:



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    FileMaker Go training and the Technical Resource Kit for FileMaker Pro 11:



    FileMaker Go Development Guide:




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    Member Product Announcements


    Core3 - CRM and so much more Released!


    Productive Computing, Inc., has released Core3 CRM for FileMaker Pro. This cross platform CRM and business management tool includes a full suite of integrated modules to help organizations manage their business and direct their work flow from initial contact with a potential customer through the sales and estimating process and finally to managing and completing a successful project. Mixed in are dashboards, reports and charts to keep individuals, managers and owners apprised of the actual and potential sales that are being worked on as well as current projects in production. Core3 CRM can be used "as is" or can be customized to fit a customer's specific needs. Visit the Core3 CRM web site to download a product demo, view the tutorial videos, or read the product documentation.


    CNS Barcode 1.0.7 Now Available


    Comm-Unity Networking Systems has announced an update to CNS Barcode for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad* running iOS 4.0 or higher. At version 1.0.7, CNS Barcode adds support for new barcode types and support for the front-facing camera on compatible devices. CNS Barcode 1.0.7 is available immediately via the iTunes App Store.


    Application Architects Awarded GSA Schedule for FileMaker Services


    Congratulations to Application Architects for being awarded a GSA Schedule contract in December! This contract allows Local, State and Federal Government agencies to order FileMaker consulting services directly from Application Architects. This includes agencies such as the NIH, the Executive Office of the President, FEMA, the Department of Defense as well as many international organizations such as NATO, the IMF, and the United Nations.


    SMTP Send Mail Interrogator Tool Updated


    SavvyData has released an update to the very useful and free SMTP Send Mail Interrogator tool. The update adds a configuration user-interface that eliminates the need to edit scripts and enables easy creation of multiple test configurations.


    January/February Course Schedule from FileMaker Authorized Trainers


    Looking to brush up on your FileMaker Pro skills?  The following is a schedule for the next two months of FileMaker Training Series classes being offered by FileMaker Authorized Trainers.


    Look for the asterisk (*) to find companies offering discounts for training to FileMaker TechNet members. For more information please visit:





    Accelerate Computer Training*


    FileMaker Pro 11: Beginning - February 7

    FileMaker Pro 11: Intermediate (2 days) - February 8

    FileMaker Pro 11: Advanced (2 days) - February 10

    FileMaker 11: Web Publishing (2 days) - February 14


    AlaMark Technologies*


    Introduction to FileMaker  - January 31

    Intermediate FileMaker FTS (2 days) - February 1

    Advanced FileMaker FTS (2 days) - February 3


    Database Pros*


    Remote FileMaker Training Series (2-hour online sessions every Tues. & Weds. for 10 weeks) - February 1


    MightyData, LLC


    Introduction to FileMaker Pro - February 23

    Developing With FileMaker Pro - February 24




    Ace of Charts - February 23

    Dashing Dashboards - February 24


    Skeleton Key


    Introduction to FileMaker (1 day) - February 18

    The Quintessential FileMaker Course (3 days) - February 15

    Developing for Maximum WAN Performance Workshop - February 22

    FileMaker Server - Installation and Configuration - February 1

    FileMaker Server - Administration, Security and Backup - February 8


    Soliant Consulting*


    Introduction to FileMaker Pro (1 day) - February 2 and March 1

    FileMaker 11 Core Essentials (4 days) - February 15

    Developing for FileMaker Go (1 day) - February 2


    The Support Group*


    Introduction to FileMaker Pro - February 8, and February 15

    Intermediate FileMaker Pro (2 days) - February 9, and February 16

    Relational Database Design (Advanced I) (2 days) - February 2, and February 24

    Scripting and Calculations (Advanced II) (2 days) - February 10 and February 24

    FileMaker Training Series: Server - February 2

    FileMaker Training Series:  Web Publishing - February 3

    Scripting with FileMaker Pro - February 11, and February 18