Webinar – FileMaker Reporting Fundamentals

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    Dear FileMaker TechNet members:


    If you're interested in realizing the full potential of all that data in 

    your FileMaker Pro database, or aggregation seems like just another way of spelling aggravation, this web seminar is for you!  


    Please join us for a FileMaker TechNet exclusive web seminar “FileMaker Reporting Fundamentals” with Doug Gardner of Exoteric Inc. In this web seminar, we’ll cover topics as such:


    •          Fundamentals of summary and sub-summary reports

    •          Introduction to dynamic sub-summaries and show how they can be used for user navigation

    •          Important differences between dynamic sub-summaries and printed reports

    •          Quick review of the Snapshot Link feature in FileMaker Pro 11

    •          Using summary fields in calculations


    You’ll just need a basic familiarity with setting up tables, fields and 

    layouts in FileMaker Pro in order to get the most of this web seminar.


    Registration is limited so please register for ONLY one web seminar.


    Thursday, March 24, 2011 8:00AM PDT https://filemakerevents.webex.com/filemakerevents/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=572114045


    Thursday, March 24, 2011 11:00AM PDT https://filemakerevents.webex.com/filemakerevents/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=571995351





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