FileMaker Go for iPad helps Lee Medical reduce hospital infections

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FileMaker Go for iPad helps Lee Medical reduce hospital infections


Lee Medical, Inc. improves outcomes for patients and healthcare providers using VAST, a FileMaker Pro based database solution accessed via FileMaker Go for iPad


SANTA CLARA, Calif. – November 17, 2011 - According to the Center for Disease Control, hospital infection rates are on the rise and a common source is Central Line Bloodstream Infections (CLABSIs). Fortunately, these types of infections are preventable, and the vascular access specialists at Lee Medical, Inc. are proving it. Built around the practice of "using the right device at the right time" (watch the video), Lee Medical is an outsourced service whose nurses not only use the appropriate medical devices, but also use iPads running FileMaker Go to help drive down the troubling frequency and cost of CLABSI.


How it works

Vascular access devices, typically known as IVs, are essential for everything from delivering drugs and nutrition to administering pain control and anesthesia. But if a device is not properly inserted and maintained throughout its lifespan, it can become an on-ramp for germs, leading to a potentially serious infection.

To help manage the infection issue Lee Medical created VAST, a customized solution based on FileMaker Pro, that delivers real-time patient and catheter surveillance. Nurses now chart and monitor all patient and device-related information for the lifespan of the catheter regardless of the patient's location.

Lee’s teams of nurses rely on FileMaker Go for iPad as soon as they are dispatched to a service call. On site, they securely log in to the central FileMaker Pro database to capture patient information, gain real-time access to medical records, review orders and get to work.

Business benefits


  • Healthier patients and millions in savings for healthcare providers: FileMaker Go for iPad is supporting a system that results in healthier patients, reduced pain and suffering and millions of dollars in annual savings for healthcare providers.
  • Easier information sharing and security: The touch interface of the iPad simplifies data collection, eliminates errors and improves workflow efficiencies. Electronic medical records related to vascular access never actually reside on the iPad, but rather, are securely stored in the centralized FileMaker Server database, allowing compliance with all patient privacy regulations.


Watch the video and read the full story


Customer quotes

"By running FileMaker Go for iPad, we have been able to achieve a dramatic breakthrough and the end result is a much needed value proposition for healthcare: improved quality at reduced costs."

Michele Lee, President, Lee Medical, Inc.




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