Dynamic Navigation Schemes — Crumb and Carousel

Version 3



    iOS, Mac OS X, Windows
    FMP 11
    Web: No
    File Type: ZIP
    Server: No
    FileSize: ~ .05 megabytes



    There are plenty of module navigation schemes in FileMaker, but most of them require the developer to duplicate information about the navigation structure that’s already in the “Manage Layouts” window. Some make the developer update every layout whenever there’s a change. Others duplicate information about layouts in records in an extra table, including permissions information. That’s crazy.


    Crumb is a technique for global module-based navigation. Carousel is a technique for presentation slide deck-style navigation.


    Crumb and Carousel get everything they need to know from a file’s layout names. This way, organizational changes made in Manage Layouts propogate to the rest of the file with no duplication of effort.





    Sample Input

    Sample Output

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