Problem with FileMaker API for PHP and https protocol

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We’re having a problem with the FileMaker API for PHP now that we’re switching our server from the http to https protocol. We have tested this both on a Mac running OS 10.5 and FMSA 9, and one running Mac OS 10.6 and FMSA 11. These are both running in VMWare virtual environments.


We use PHP to upload files to the server, and the PHP upload program uses the FileMaker API for PHP to create a record in the corresponding database FileMaker file that includes the filename, name of the person who uploaded it, etc.


The file upload itself works fine, but the section of the PHP program that creates the new record and sets values in the fields using the API fails, giving an error message
Fatal Error: call to undefined method setField…


When we reverted to the http protocol, everything worked as before.


What do we need to do to make this FileMaker API for PHP link work under https?