Example: How to do online serial number checks and upgrade notifications

Version 4

    Note: I do not by ANY mean call myself a pro, I learn this stuff from this and other forums. thanks for not beating me up to bad


    Attached is a Filemaker 12 example database of how I validate serial numbers in my small by profitable runtime application. Due to how my software is provide I don't offer refunds but every now and then I need to do one so I needed the ability to deacivate a serial number remotely.


    This script in a simple way helps me do that. Anytime a user tried to register the software it calls home and does 2 things.


    1. Validates the serial number for use, if no match or it's a deactivated serial number it errors out, if it matches then you good to go.
    2. keeps a log of all serial registrations attempts.




    Also included in the example is a nifty way I found on the net to check for a program update.


    Thanks all for the help along the way and a BIG thanks to Filemaker for allowing me to make an appication that has afforded me a lot of extra income over the years!!!