Control of Print Dialog when Cancel Print button is selected

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I have a script that displays a layout and the presents the user with a button with three options: Cancel, Preview, and Print


Button 1 in the custom dialog setup dialog is Print, Button 2 is Preview, and Button 3 is Cancel.


When the script is run the buttons are displayed in reverse order, i.e.,


Cancel Preview Print


Is this reverse order display normal, or did I do something to cause it?


Anyway, when the Print button is selected, I want the user to get a Print Dialog Box from the Operating System that gives them the normal options, such as Select a Printer, Number of Copies, etc., and it also gives them an option to change their mind and cancel the print process.


My problem is that if they cancel the Print process at this point, they get a Filemaker dialog that says,


"Print was cancelled. Do you want to continue running the script?"


My users of course have no idea what to do at that point since (a) they don't know what a script is and (b) they didn't know they were running one.


Is there anyway to grab control of that process at that point and write some script steps that will bypass that "Print was cancelled..." dialog?