How To Report Your FileMaker Certification

Version 5

    Report your FileMaker certifications so they appear in your profile in the FileMaker Community, or if you're an FBA member, get a higher listing on the FileMaker consultant web page.


    1. For FileMaker Community
      • Click the drop-down next to your name/avatar (in the header bar)
      • Select Edit Profile from the Personal menu.
      • Select the Your Profile tab on the resulting page.
      • Scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the Certification Registration Number(s) field.
      • Enter the certification number you received with your confirmation email/letter into the Certification Registration Number(s) field.
      • Click Save.
      • Please allow up to 24 hours for your certification update to be applied to your community profile.

    2. For FileMaker Business Alliance Members (FBA)
      • Adding certifications to a FBA company profile updates the company's certification credentials in the Find a Consultant or Find a Trainer results pages.
      • Updating an FBA company profile requires FBA Admin access. If you are not an FBA Admin for your company, please skip the following steps and ask an FBA Admin for your company to assist you with this process.
      • From the FileMaker Community home page, access the FBA Space, click on the left side link  "Edit  Company Profile".
      • Login to your Company Profile page with your FBA Admin credentials.
      • On the Membership Information page, scroll down to the Employee Information section and click the name of the employee to update, or scroll down further and click the Add an Employee button if the certified employee is not yet in the list.
      • Scroll down to see the editable fields of the employee information and enter the employee's certification registration number in the appropriate certification version field.
      • Click Submit to save the changes.