DevCon 2012 Session Recording: Re-Usable Code - Breaking Free of Context

Version 5
    Todd Geist (geist interactive)
    Session Description

    Most of a FileMaker developer's work isn't inventing HOW to do something, it is RE-thinking how to do it in the current layout's context. In other words, write your scripts, calcs, and other features to be context-free and you can get back to the real work of building great solutions. FileMaker code has traditionally been tightly bound to the layout and its context. Recent versions of FileMaker Pro have added several new features which make it easier to break free of context, and write your code in ways that are reusable, portable, and testable. Learn to do this and you will spend less time debugging and have more time for adding new features and a great user experience.

    Products & Technologies
    • FileMaker Go
    • FileMaker Pro
    What You Will Learn
    • How to design your code so that it is not tied so tightly to any given table
    • How to use ObjectNames, GetFieldNames, Evaluate and Variables to make your code easier to share
    • How to avoid building in unnecessary complexity while on the quest for portability


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