DevCon 2012 Session Recording: Using Visual Design to Support Functionality and Usability

Version 2
    Heather Winkle (FileMaker, Inc.)
    Session Description

    Visual design is often referred to as eye candy. But it doesn't matter if it's beautiful if it doesn't work. There is an integral relationship between visual design, functionality, and usability. This session explains the fundamentals of human perception and how visuals support or detract from function. It reveals how the FileMaker Pro 12 style, architecture, and tools were designed to support best layout practices; as well as how to make the most of them. The session provides information to save you time and guesswork and enable you to produce crisp, clean, and highly usable layouts.

    Products & Technologies
    • FileMaker Pro 12
    What You Will Learn
    • Fundamentals of graphic design and its relationship to human vision and cognition
    • How FileMaker Pro 12 was built to support best practices in layout design
    • How to use the new FileMaker Pro 12 tools in concert to make crisp, clean, usable layouts
    • Before and after example layouts and the visual and interaction design choices for their improvements


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