FileMaker Server 11.0v5, FileMaker Server 11.0v5 Advanced updates available

Version 3

    FileMaker, Inc. has released FileMaker Server 11.0v5 and FileMaker Server 11.0v5 Advanced. The updater software updates version 11.0v1, 11.0v2, 11.0v3, and 11.0v4 of FileMaker Server to version 11.0v5.

    This release provides support for OS X Mountain Lion and addresses the following issues:

    Database Server


    • Addressed an issue where Database Server stopped responding after logging an 8003 error during a backup while clients were performing write operations.

    • Addressed issues where Database Server stops responding and clients fail to disconnect under stress conditions.

    • Addressed a deadlock issue where the administrator disconnected clients, but the clients continued to persist.


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