DevCon 2012 Session Recording: Shaking the Dependency Tree

Version 3
    Darren Terry (Pacific Data Management, Inc.)
    Session Description

    FileMaker Pro has a very powerful calculation engine built into it. The calculation engine is exposed to us in a number of ways: calculation fields, script steps, conditional formatting, filtered portals, web viewers, chart objects, etc. But it can be a challenge to determine precisely when various kinds of calculations will refresh, and what causes them to refresh. This session is a survey of the various places where the calculation engine is exposed to us, and an exploration of what exactly causes calculations to refresh their values, and when.

    Products & Technologies
    • FileMaker Pro Advanced
    What You Will Learn
    • Unravel the mystery of how and when calculations update in FileMaker Pro - the Dependency Tree
    • A brief survey of where the calculation is exposed to you in FileMaker Pro
    • Uncover which script step(s) will cause calculations to refresh, and under which circumstances
    • By discovering this convoluted behavior, you can better prepare your solutions for updating calculations



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