DevCon 2012 Session Recording: Server and WAN Performance Under The Hood

Version 3

    Jon Thatcher (FileMaker, Inc.)

    Session Description

    FileMaker databases are being used on more iPads, iPhones, and laptops than ever, so performance over a wide area network is ever more important. Understanding how FileMaker Server 12 shares data over the network can help you improve the speed of your solutions over both local and wide area networks. In this DevCon 2012 session recording, Jon Thatcher, FileMaker, Inc. Lead Software Engineer will go "under the hood" of FileMaker Server 12 and how it uses the network, and what you can do to improve the performance of your databases over the WAN.

    Products & Technologies
    • FileMaker Server 12
    What You Will Learn
    • Under the hood details of FileMaker 12 networking
    • How to analyze Server performance and your database's performance
    • Specific improvements you can make to your solutions
    • Improvements we're working on the FileMaker "labs"


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