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BACKGROUND: Formerly you could call the URL and get skype to dial a phone number. Recently, this broke. The new browsers seem to be as much the problem as the new skype. The new browsers have combined a search box with the address bar and it's all messed up because of that. Chrome and Safari currently have this issue, and while Firefox works better (you can call the url from the address bar) they may change that soon. Even the current firefox won't call the skype number properly from filemaker.


BUT I did get it working for skype to call either a telephone number or a skypename using the built in web browser of filemaker 11 and 12. It uses the "Set Web Viewer" script step.


To get Skype to dial a telephone number or skypname from a database record:


1) in layout mode, use the "Web Viewer Tool" (globe) to create web browser field on the layout. It need only be tiny and invisible. Name it, using the name box on the position tab in the inspector pallette (I named mine "skype-dialler")


2) create a field that contains a skype-dialable number. for instance I dial in north america, the country code is 1, and I have a field named "Phone", so I created a field that concatenated a text skype url (skype:) with +1 and the phone number. The formula for this was:


"skype:+1" & Contacts::Phone

... where Contacts::Phone is the field I have a reguar phone number. This could also be something like


"skype:" & Contacts::skypname


.... where Contacts::skypname is the field containing the target's valid skype ID


3) create a new script that calls the Set Web Viewer script step (command). click the "Specify" button and insert the object name of your web viewer layout item from step one (in my case "skype-dialler) and the action "Go to URL .." which would be a custom web address which is the name of the field you created in step 2. (You can type it or use the "specify" button to pull that field into the formula box)




TIP: put the script on a button beside the phone number



1) you'll need to log onto skype for it to work, of course.

2) my field's formula dials only in North America (+1); concatenate and adjust the formula if you dial other countries with their proper skype-dialling format.

3) There is no filtering required. If the phone number contains dashes it doesn't matter


Sorry if this is duplicated information but I searched and searched for days and did not find a step by step instruction for this.