Get the Most ROI at DevCon 2013

Version 3

    Need help convincing your boss that attending DevCon is crucial to helping you continue to deliver top-notch solutions? If you need to justify your DevCon attendance, we've done the work for you with this letter.

    As a FileMaker developer, you can’t afford to miss DevCon 2013. Here are 5 reasons you should attend the conference:


    • 1. Fill in the gaps and expand your FileMaker skill set
    • 2. Learn how to create solutions optimized for the iPhone and iPad
    • 3. Get new ideas and solve tough development challenges
    • 4. Collaborate with over 1,100 like-minded developers
    • 5. Immediately apply what you've learned back at work


    It’s not too late to register:
    Gold Package – USD $2,195
    Standard Package – USD $1,595

    We look forward to seeing you in San Diego.

    FileMaker Developer Relations