What Was I Thinking? Coding Best Practices

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Session Description

There are many practices developers can engage in to make their code more legible, both to other developers and to themselves. Good coding practices aren't about spending more time up front to save time later: they save time now and later by helping you avoid creating bugs in the first place, and then by making them easier to spot when discovered in the future. They make adding new features simpler. They allow a team of developers to work together (remember that your "teammate" might be yourself, but years from now once you've forgotten why you built it that way). Naming conventions can also ease the development process - the important thing is consistency. This session will demonstrate those practices for calculations, scripts, layouts, and more.

Products & Technologies
  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Pro Advanced
What You Will Learn
  • Best practices to make your code more legible
  • Reduce the chance your future self will hate you
  • Save time now AND later by reducing bugs and making them easier to spot
  • Commenting isn't enough - formatting can add clarity