Get to Know ExecuteSQL ( )

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Session Description

FileMaker Pro 12 added a powerful new calculation function with ExecuteSQL ( ). This function makes previously complex operations simpler and more straight forward but also enables functionality previously only possible with the use of 3rd-party plug-ins. Developers can take advantage of this to reduce Relationship Graph complexity and the number of unstored summary fields, make scripting code reusable, create powerful charts, and easily combine multiple charts on a single "dashboard" layout. This session will begin with an introduction to the basics of how to properly construct ExecuteSQL ( ) calculations and will move through several example files (all provided to attendees) showing practical examples with increasing levels of complexity. It concludes with an extensive overview of the wealth of (free!) materials available to help you learn, troubleshoot and implement this powerful function in your own new and existing solutions.

Products & Technologies
  • FileMaker Pro
  • SQL
What You Will Learn
  • The syntax of ExecuteSQL ( ), including the use of parameters
  • How to implement practical use cases of ExecuteSQL ( )
  • The subtleties and "gotchas" of SQL and how to avoid and troubleshoot them
  • Arm yourself with a wealth of community-provided resources for learning and using ExecuteSQL ( )