Reporting Outside the Box

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Session Description

In this session, we will visit several complicated relational models that pose challenges to FileMaker's typical reporting tools. While many reports require only the proper searches, sorts, and layouts with summary and subsummary parts, we'll examine a few interesting and commonplace reporting needs that require us to use new features of FileMaker Pro and the techniques they've inspired. We will use scripts and calculations to pull data from multiple tables, delve into the world of SQL, use layout techniques such as "virtual lists" and data URIs that allow us to present data in non-standard ways. Specifically, we will tackle Outer Joins with SQL, provide tools to simplify an intricate many-to-many relationship, and lastly leverage online tools to generate a graphical organizational chart to navigate a one-to-many self relationship.

Products & Technologies
  • FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • a tiny bit of CSS and JavaScript
What You Will Learn
  • Explore complicated relational problems that present challenges in reporting
  • Gather and process data for reports using the new ExecuteSQL function
  • Use the web viewer and external web tools to present data in non-standard ways
  • Use virtual lists to present data free of table context