Controlling Data Integrity, No Highway Option

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Session Description

For the user, the most important feature of any database solution is the data contained within each table and file. As a result, preserving data integrity is critical to the overall success of each database solution. As a developer, one must be aware of how the data is accessed and presented to the user as well as any required data validation and verification. This session examines a number techniques that allow the developer to give user choices in such a way that the correct business processes are followed for the given solution.

Products & Technologies
  • FileMaker Pro Advanced
  • FileMaker Go for iPad
  • FileMaker Go for iPhone
What You Will Learn
  • The methods available through database design to control type, quantity and formatting of data entered by the user
  • To use custom menus to control navigation and business processes by building new menus and/or tying existing menu items to scripts instead of the default action
  • Methods to automatically navigate the user to the correct layout from either FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go using multiple layouts and Script Triggers
  • Validation and verification techniques during data entry outside the field option level using Script Triggers