Two FileMaker Go Behavior Changes to be Aware of Before Upgrading to iOS 7

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With the upcoming release of iOS 7, we would like to bring to your attention two FileMaker Go behavior changes.

Two FileMaker calculation functions will behave differently after upgrading to iOS 7 - Get (SystemNICAddress) and Get (PersistentID).

Get (SystemNICAddress), which returns a list of the hardware addresses of all NIC cards connected to the computer or device, no longer returns a unique value. All iOS 7 devices will return "02:00:00:00:00:00". Therefore, this function is no longer supported for all versions of FileMaker Go on iOS 7.

Get (PersistentID), which returns text representing a unique identifier in the form of a 32-digit hexadecimal string, no longer returns a unique value when FileMaker Go 12.0.7 or earlier is used on iOS 7. All iOS 7 devices will return "8D05FB2A7CDC7D29F52C251CC4D9C17F". We are aware of this issue, and are working on an update to restore functionality for Get(PersistentID). The update will result in new IDs being generated. i.e. not the same as the ID returned in iOS 6.

These functions may be used for building sync functionality into solutions, as well as a way to verify that a solution has been paid for. Please check with your solutions or verify with your solution provider to see if these functions have been used.

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