Connecting IWP to Advanced Server fails

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A Filemaker Solution Provider created a ticketing system: front office users enter tickets of customers complaining about technical issues of the equipment in a fitness parks. The data entry is done via IWP, while the handling of the tickets is done through FM Pro (forwarding tickets to maintenance people, answer the customer complaint, etc.).


FMPro 12 on Windows XP or W7 Clients (Citrix)

IWP with Internet Explorer 9.

FMPro Server Advanced 12 with all options enabled (DB Server, IWP Server, etc.)

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 VM: Dual 2.8 GHz Intel Xeon, 6 GB RAM, 40 and 10 GB Harddisk.

Number of users: currently 1 - 2 Testusers, later about 10 - 15 concurrent users.


The whole solution works fine as long as long as the users log in via FileMaker Pro and one user with IWP.


When we observe the server with the Windows Task manager, we see, that one processor runs on 100 %, while the other one ist hardly used.


The next user wanting to connect with IWP over the link:*******&login=Login&-authdb


can not connect to the database and gets the Message "Database not available". After hitting the OK button, the Internet Explorer shows the standard Login screen of the IWP Server with the published DB "Ticketsystem". The user can connect with no problem.


Alternatively, we can restart the IWP Part on the server and the user can connect with the link.


In short:

Top of the art windows environment, FMP Pro Server 12 advanced and FM Pro Clients 12. win 7, IE 9.

The connection to the server via IWP only works once, and subsequently processor 1 of the server runs on 100 % and no user can connect via the link.


It must have something to do with the IWP Server.

Our Solution Provider refers to an Error Message 802.


Obviously the problem must be seen somewhere on the IWP Server. Why is this server running on 100 %, even over several days and the user has disconnected hours or days before.


The FileMaker Server otherwise runs fine with about 20 other DB's but no one with IWP.


Thanks for any suggestion.