DevCon 2013 Session Recording: Eye-Catching Layout Design-The Pretty (Part 2)

Version 2
    Session Description

    Matt Petrowsky of ISO Productions, Inc. presents, “Eye-Catching Layout Design: The Pretty.” This is the second recording in a two-part session. Part two has a strong focus on what makes a layout visually appealing. It also explores the when, why and how of selecting the right color, depth and texture. Another area this session covers is using conditional formatting to maximize effect, and taking advantage of the object states in FileMaker Pro 12.

    What You Will Learn
    • Using color, contrast and depth to create appealing designs
    • Tips and tricks for clean-looking layouts
    • Designing for both desktop and mobile simultaneously


    Products & Technologies
    • FileMaker Pro 12
    • FileMaker Go 12


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