What triggers the maximum number of users exceeded warning in IWP 9?

Document created by HarveyMcArthur on Mar 24, 2014Last modified by jdj_admin on Dec 15, 2014
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We have recently developed an intermittant problem where people using our databases via IWP are denied access and get a mesage saying "The maximum number of users allowed to connect to this server has neen exceeded." But there were never more than a half-dozen people logged in or trying to log in at one time. And nothing int he Event log or pe-_application log to indicate what happened.


This occurred March 11, two days after the switch to daylight savings time. The Event.log showed that the daiy backups scheduled for FileMaker server ran one hour late all day, but were back on schedule the following day March 10. This was the only unusual thing I saw in the logs from those days. We shut down and restarted FileMaker server and the maximum user problem seemed to have disappeared, but we had it again several times on March 17.


We're running FMSA 9.0.3 on a quad core Xeon in a virtual environment using VMWare. (Yes, I know we should upgrade and we plan to...one of these days).


Any ideas what could trigger this maximum user problem.



Harvey McArthur