DevCon 2014: Localization Techniques - Javier Sánchez

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Javier Sánchez (FileMaker, Inc.)


Session Code: COR006


Localizing a solution requires more than just translating the words. Learn what localizing involves and how can you benefit from the FileMaker features to localize your solutions. This session will cover different localization techniques such as duplicating layouts and scripts, organizing them, creating a language UI table where each record is a language and each UI button is a field on the table, using the calculations, and variations on the techniques. You’ll learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each one as well as when would the use of each be the appropriate choice. Finally, you’ll be presented with a few recommendations on how to get good translations.


What you should know

Scripting, basic relationships, calculations, tab controls and calculations on objects.


Products & Technologies

  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker WebDirect


What You Will Learn

  • An introduction to localization and what do I need to localize
  • Duplicating layouts and scripts
  • Using calculations, relationships, global fields and global variables
  • How to get good translations


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