DevCon 2014: Deep Dive Scripting - Using New and Old Features for Audit Logging - Wim DeCorte

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Wim DeCorte  (Soliant Consulting)


Session Code: COR011


The new “Perform Script on Server” feature gives us a unique way to get at the data that is stored on the server as the user is modifying the same data in their session. Perfect for audit logging. Using advanced scripting approaches, this session will explore new features such as "Perform Script on Server", "List Of" summaries, get(modifiedFields), and a lot of existing features such as ExecuteSQL, GetNthRecord, event triggers and established techniques like "Named Buckets" and "HyperList" A lot of focus will be given to the performance of the various ways of capturing, comparing and parsing data. At the end, we will have a full working audit log approach, fully FileMaker native that also works on FileMaker Go.


What you should know

Basic familiarity with scripting - the session will explain each concept and feature used along the way.


Products & Technologies

  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker Server


What You Will Learn

  • Where is the data until it is commited
  • How can we easily log all changes made from anywhere in the solution
  • There are always five ways of doing something, which is faster?
  • Learn some old features that you probably never used


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