DevCon 2014: FileMaker and Web Services: The Continuing Story - Steve Winter

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Steve Winter (Matatiro Solutions)

Session Code: WEB005


Though SOAP web services are still very common, times are moving on and FileMaker 13 has given us some fantastic new tools in the form of new verbs for the InsertFromURL script step. During this session, we’ll look at ways to interact with RESTful web services to send and receive information from our FileMaker solution using this script step. Often results are returned as XML or JSON and we’ll investigate ways in which these two data sources can be processed using custom functions or simple text calculations depending on the complexity of the data.


What you should know

Experience with calculations and scripting would be advantageous.


Products & Technologies

  • Custom Web Publishing
  • XML
  • PHP


What You Will Learn

  • Know your InsertFromURL script step verbs
  • Accessing remote web services to send and receive data
  • Handling JSON for returned results using custom functions and/or text functions
  • Transforming received XML for importing to FM using XSLT


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